does anyone know about this track?


Curtis Creager
I just happen to run across this looking for some other information and thought I would post for others to see.

from their FAQs...
Q. Is Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park Open?
A. No, not yet. PNMP has all land zoning permits and is currently designing the track layout and then PNMP will secure all the required permits in order to begin construction during the spring of 2008 with completion estimated to be summer of 2009.

Q. When will the track hold professional sanctioned events?
A. Phase III - soon after the Club house and its amenities have been completed.



Last press release is almost a year old. I think this is the country club track that was being talked about when the ORP group was putting Grass Valley together.

Doesn't seem like the PNW folks have had much to say for a year, maybe the economic downturn hurt their financing efforts.