Combined Annual Turn Worker and Instructor Training March 19th @ O.R.P.


Ladies and Gentlemen of Motorsports:

STAR Projects is again offering both our Annual Instructor Training and Worker Training event on Saturday, March 19th at Oregon Raceway Park. To address the specifics of each specialty, divided morning classrooms are combined in the afternoon with on course practice in real time.

The cost to cover the Instructor Training is $175. Worker Training is FREE for all who wish to attend. Your lunch and gate pass for the day are included. The morning format consists of classroom, fire suppression practice, lunch, a track orientation tour and the afternoon split with time on track in each direction. This is also the first step of training for those who would like to become paid members of the 2022 O.R.P. Staff.

In keeping with our tradition of enlisting the best of Northwest talent I am pleased to announce that this year’s guest speaker will be Mr. James (Gator) Hudson. Gator will be drawing from experience gleaned not only as successful Racing Driver, but his many years of interactive training. He will also be sharing his insights on integrating the ever developing tools of data acquisition and analytics to your teaching / coaching techniques.

As in years past, the Instructor Training classroom will be run concurrently but separately from the Worker Training classroom. Both groups will combine before lunch to familiarize worker recruits with many of the vehicle safety systems and how to best assist drivers with response and egress during emergency situations.

Since Lemon's, Lucky Dog, and Team Continental (International Conference of Sports Car Clubs) have again all booked 2022 racing dates with O.R.P., the curriculum will include familiarization with the varying protocols of each organization as well as the general procedures of staffing turns, event flow, and communication required for Track Day, H.P.D.E., Schools, and Private Testing events.

Participation in training does not guarantee placement as a Turn Worker or qualification as a Driving Instructor; however it bears heavily on the selection process. Whether a seasoned veteran Turn Marshal, or new to the road racing environment, YOU are welcome. Instructor candidates please file or update your resume' with Brenda at registration. Due to the need to plan meals and arrange facilities I urge all participants to sign up as soon as possible.

Whether Turn Worker or Driving Instructor you are the front line, the people making our sport happen. We continually strive to improve our game. We learn from each other. Come and participate.

Bill Murray, STAR Projects Events
10:00 am to midnight

Brenda Pikl. Track Office Manager