Can it get any better than this?

1501.C.4. Double Yellow: Displayed at all turn stations. Indicates full course
yellow with the imminent deployment of the Pace Car during a


Thank you Annie. Although your problem solving efforts were innocent enough, the unexpected outcome is to laugh. So, I will. I now have some 'running gag' material for morning meetings... Your Imminence!

A proposed definition of "Double Yellow": Displayed at all turn stations during a race. Indicates full course yellow. The Pace Car will be deployed." To stale.

Sorry Wes, we still have to define "flagrant violation", but they'll be working on it, I'm sure. Perhaps something like, glaring, egregious, blatant, notorious, obvious, OUTRAGEOUS, conspicuous, extreme, grievous, opprobrious, perfect, rank, ruthless, shameful, wicked.

I lean towards egregious, myself. But then, I am on occasion, a bit ruthless.

You know I love you Lassie!


How are things coming along, ekiM? You can't help but make things easier.
Who you calling Lassie? Oh Annie, never mind.

I would vote for opprobrious before even looking it up. It just sorta rolls off the tonque so nicely!