BMW E36 Popularity (new class maybe)?



With the price of BMW E36's coming down and the popularity of them coming up, should we look at a new class to encourage our racers. I don’t think that a spec class would be in order but a place for them to play for points. Right know most guys are Running ITE/SPM. They are not really capable of running competively with the V8 powered cars, but people love to run them even knowing that. Here are a couple ideas for thought.

- A touring class (similar to US touring car/World challenge touring)
- A BMW E36 open challenge class
- A BMW E36 spec class with fun stuff like wings and splitters.

Seems to me the crowd we have known likes the touring car aspect without going crazy. Most guys are running Stock M3 motors(maybe with cams), in a touring car trim (brake, aero upgrades)

There are a core group of guys already running ITE/SPM and having a great time and will never beat a corvette or viper. Maybe it’s time to distinguish themselves.

Jerold Lowe
If you want to follow an existing bandwagon, both NASA and BMW CCA Club Racing have recently created Spec E36 classes and have done a lot of homework re. what would make the class interesting to a lot of people. I would review their rule packages.

That being said, when we created the PRO-3 class, we looked at the existing E30s and what would entice the owners back then to modify their cars to meet a new class structure.

That being said, I would make sure it was not too much like PRO-3 because you are going up against a strong existing class. Running the M motors would be a way to differentiate an E36 class from an E30 class.

Then petition to run in Group 4. LOL


Lance Richert
#35 PRO-3
I'm guessing that, even with the fairly vague rules you're describing, I wouldn't be able to run my car in the new class? Well, maybe if you went with something like Eric Krause's NASA GTS comment?
I would think a ICSCC rule set for PRO36 or Spec E36 would be an easy way to get your class. Stick with the M50 decide what cams are allowed or what weight penalty to use for vanos, S cams, etc and go for it. I agree that there are a bunch of affordable E36s out there and lots of M50 engines available. Keep in mind the minimum count of races to validate your new class and get your group together. Not much time to get the guys together. There is one retiring steward that may help if you ask him nice.