Attention all Race Workers


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Team Continental would like to invite you to Holmans Bar & Grill for a meeting to discuss recent developments brought to your attention by ICSCC President Kevin Skinner.

Your input is very important to the success of our future as a racing club.

We look forward to see you on September 13th @ 6pm.

Team Continental

PS Steve Leonard will buy the first round.

Holmans Bar & Grill
15 se 28th Portland OR 97214
On the corner of 28th and Burnside, around the corner from the laurelhurst theater.
You might just get all the race workers in Holmans, these days.

Will you post minutes later?

(I think a comma's supposed to go in there.)


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I will try to get them on our website. I think this is a very important meeting, with things that really need to be discussed. I would love to see ALL the workers there. Should be interesting.
Dunno. Maybe. I can only presume that to be the planet of concern. But we're already here, and their's a whole international contingent that are involved as well.

So I'm just figuring that if this is an ICSCC info seminar, then the proper modicum of ICSCC folks should be representing their planets.

Of course, if this is only about TC, and no other entities are involved in these... developments, then postings on this forum would be frivolous. Will IRDC be represented?

I'd like to know who the speakers are, because I've listened to most of 'em from around here, and even the good food and service of Holman's may not be enough to justify the participation of this volunteer to put up with more of that... on a Monday.

Of course, there may be a good pre-season football game on.
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Although I'm not a worker, I would also be interested in knowing what the jist of the meeting is. I say this because it may relate to the discussions I've had this season with workers who have some issues that need to be addressed
Under catagory of "We're all in this together", if you've got the time...

I doubt that the minutes will be published in any of the more popular newsletters, so an un-biased opinion might come in handy.

Uh, Wes? Do you know anybody with an un-biased opinion?
Perfect. You'll fit right in. And don't be shy about voicing any personally considered bias either. Depending on who takes the meetings helm, it could be open session to a tightly controlled agenda.

That's just a small part of the adventure.


Bonnie Healy

Did the meeting happen? Will there be minutes posted on TC's website? Anything "all race workers" should know about?


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Meeting did take place, i was not in attendance but will get the scope tomorrow and will post what i can in this thread. I was told is was a productive meeting and hope it helped clear the air for all these wonderful volunteers.
Bottom line?


Wes wasn't there either, but as things turned out it might have been a waste of his talents. Aside from the first round, of course.

Holly was there however, and took the minutes. If they are to become available for public consumption, then that would be at the pleasure of our good Race Chairman Steve Leonard.

Who, BTW, has had to put up with more <insert nastiest smelly tasting, ugliest, object you can image> than I've watched anybody have to put up with anywhere, and for anything, within the tenure of my personal participation in this, our great sport.

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October is near.

Sez I,
Move along. Nothing to see here.

Get your butts to ORP for the season finale, and don't snivel about the weather either.