22009 Stewards Proposal #37: Production ratio


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This rule proposal corrects the language in the production category to specify the ratio of weight to horsepower (ie, 2000 pounds to 180 horsepower == 2000 / 180 == 11.1) rather than the incorrect horsepower to weight specification (ie, 180 horsepower to 2000 pounds == 0.9) be given. This clause then matches the tables and examples specified in the same section.
Having observed how things get "cleaned up" within the Conference administrative operations, I believe that you've chosen the correct tack for maximum head-way Mike.

Now, about that 1501.C.4.(a) "Double Yellow" grammar....
I know that you've had an issue with that rule, Ken. I was surprised that you didn't initiate a rule change proposal for it.
I did...with you, the Guy, the Top Dog, the ultimate head of all things to do with all things official in regard to the operations of our events, the Steward.

Geez, <Heavy sigh> I am disillusioned.

I suppose that I can also bring it to the ROD mtg. Yeah... there's some kinda movin' and shakin' goin' on with that, for sure.

I wonder how much head-way could be made, especially if presented along with any number of other grammatical clarifications that should be considered toward making our good book an easier, more comprehensible read.

It would certainly be a productive challenge should the ROD be recognized, and empowered to do so.

Interesting concept, thanks ekiM.
1501.C.4. Double Yellow: Displayed at all turn stations. Indicates full course
yellow with the deployment of the Pace Car during a race.

The issue. Two times, I have observed that an attempt was made via Base Comm (Control?) to coordinate the release of the Pace Car onto the track in front of the leader WITH the execution of the Full Course Dbl Yellow flags.

This eliminated any advanced warning that the leader may have had that a Pace Car was being deployed. No control of the field was exibited when the Pace Car hit a hot track.

Alternative wording may be something like...

1501.C.4. Double Yellow: Displayed at all turn stations. Indicates a full course yellow. Used during a race, the Pace Car will be deployed.

Of course that wording may allow for a Dbl. Yellow being displayed for other than a race, with no Pace Car mandated.

Not that a FCDYellow would do much good anyway without the Pace Car, unless it might be used preceeding a Black Flag All. Anyway, you can see the difference.

And so does anybody else that may even be remotely interested, eh db?
Funny you should mention that Ken. I've been raising that issue with my club all season and after I brought it up in a club meeting things improved. At Mission we're now deploying the pace car out of T2 so he has a good view of the leader coming out of T1 as well. I know when Scott and I were in the tower, our plan was to go full course yellow as soon as we knew we needed the pace car and try to pick up the leader. If we missed the leader then we would worry about that later on.