2010 IRDC Rule Changes Meeting

I do not have to submit our passed IRDC rules to the race steward until September 10, 2010

Because of this I am putting of our vote until our club meeting on September 1st.

2011 Rule Change Meeting

Calling all IRDC racer, please come an add your input by voting on the ICSCC proposed rules Wednesday Nov. 3rd at:

SIZZLER restaurant
16615 Southcenter Pkway
Tukwila, WA 98188

Jeff Clark
IRDC Contest Board Rep
Why is it a Weds night in South Seattle?? This is kind of an important meeting and you'd think people would do it on a Saturday evening so those of us living in Portland or further South like myself can make it up there without having to take a day off work to get there and the next morning off so they can actually get home...
I believe the key word to Mr. Clark's invitation is "IRDC". Each club proposes rule changes and go through a voting process to accept or deny. Then all of the accepted rule changes from each club are gathered and sent out to all Conferenece members. These are located in the online Conference memo. Then each individual club will vote on the combined proposed rule changes. Each club results are tallied for an overall "yea or nay" on each proposed rule change. So, with all of that being said each club goes through this process and I'm not sure what club you belong to but when they have this month's club meeting you will have a chance to vote on all of the rule changes. You don't have to travel to Tukwilla, WA to place your vote. Hope this helps and if I'm incorrect someone online will be sure to correct me.
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The IRDC meeting starts @ 7:00 pm but folks arrive much earlier for some friendly conversation. After the meeting Jeff C. will start the rule changes meeting. Duane
Hmmm.... Does a ICSCC licensed driver only get to join one club? Or can one be a voting member of all the clubs that they pay dues to?

I wonder...