2009 Stewards Proposal #21: weight sticker


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This proposal softens the requirement of weight stickers on cars. Alternatives are allowed, though drivers are still "encouraged" to use a Conference sticker.

This change perpetuates the savings in time realized by having weight information readily available and visible on the car at scales, but relieves drivers of requiring the specific sticker provided by Conference.

Providing an incorrect weight in any representation is still punishable by disqualification--which is a penalty that matches a car that is found to be under weight at scales.
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Having worked scales the only advantage I see of keeping the current sticker is it sticks out quite clearly.. Yep, I know the fugliness (I just made that up) of it. Its fugliness attracts the eyes quickly when you are looking for the weight, gets folks across the scales faster. So in all its fugliness it has served a purpose exceedlingly well. Other stickers and methods may not have the same fugliness, or come close to the degree of fugliness, but they can be too contrafugly and harder to see, therefore causing a delay while searching for the weight markings on the "pretty" cars out there.

Do not discriminate on fugliness. It has a right to exist, the same as all the other contra fuglies out there. We need next ask if the pretty and fugly stickers meet FIA or SFI standards and must be replaced every two years.

Having said that, I shall vote to accept this rule change.:D
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IMHO, there's nothing wrong with the existing stickers cept for their enormous size. If they were like 2wice the size of a tech sticker, I don't think they'd be as "Fugly".