2009 Stewards Proposal #20: inside net


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This rule recommends, but does not require, an inside safety net. Such a net prevents a driver involved in a traumatic collision from flailing around within the car, potentially incurring secondary injuries from striking parts of the car's interior or roll cage.

The rule does not require such equipment, but brings to the attention of drivers the savings that such an installation can realize.
Would it make sense to modify this so that it recommends a seat with integral head restraints and/or the inside net?

-Tucker Sheppy
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Since the referendum has been published, modifications aren't possible ... until the next rule change season, where you can submit your suggestions and have them voted upon.
I support this proposal and would even support making inside nets and/or integral head restraints mandatory (maybe next time around).

Here's a good argument for having an inside net (Warning: driver drops F-bomb ;) ):

Note how far his head jerks to the right! :eek:
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Thanks for that clip. It clearly shows extreme head and shoulder movement. Though my seat has wings on it I am still going to buy a side net. This video was enough to convince me. Mandatory is a difficult word for me though. I do support this proposal because of the word recommend.