2009 Stewards Proposal #18: Safety Equipment Worn


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This addition specifies when safety equipment, described elsewhere in the rules, must be worn. Remarkably, such common-sense guidance is absent from the rules and has been previously challenged after Steward action at the track.
That might be a good one to put forward next year, Holly. I'm not sure I could support it, since the once-per-race tech of safety gear helps drivers find problems they might not have noticed otherwise.
As much as I am all for streamlining the registration/tech process (which helps volunteers and drivers alike) I think the mandatory tech of safety equipment for each race is a good idea. Granted, it's safety equipment and as racers you would expect that we have our own safety in mind and shouldn't technically need to be required or reminded what is necessary to race.

The rule provides a healthy reminder to the racer that all safety gear is required for all races and must be worn...and goes further to ensure that safety gear is proper condition.
Turn workers and E-Crew/Safety have to check their gear every race to ensure the drivers safety and the workers safety. (running to a car fire with a bottle we just discovered is empty or expired, is a very bad thing)
With us checking our gear for drivers, it shouldn't be a problem for the drivers having their gear checked as well for their own safety.
Then we will all have a chance for dealing with any nastiness. (if that's a real word?)
Perhaps the proposed rule change #18 should be read again.

"All required driver’s safety equipment must be worn while on track or in the hot pit area."

Tech is not the issue here. Drivers that want to get undressed before they are in a safe location is the issue.
Whoop. You're right...I was thinking it referred to something else. My bad.

Does this mean I'll get a visit from the Mall Cop?? :p