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Thread: SRX?

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    I see in the 2017 rules proposed FBX and SRX classes, but I can't find any description of what those classes are?

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    SRX is a second run group class for all sports racers (B,C,D,E & F).

    FBX is the same as SCCA class FB 1000 and runs under the current year/month SCCA rules.

    These are provisional classes which have not achieved Championship class status. Once the entry numbers are high enough to become a Championship class the rule set will be added to the Competition Regulations. See rule 1301. A. for details.

    Dan Heinrich
    2017 Race Steward

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    Since the majority of the clubs have decided to combine groups 3 & 6 due to diminishing car counts, I think it is time to remove SRX as a class. It never made the minimum to be considered as a championship class.

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