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    ANYBODY got the spirit?? Used to be somebody would start a happy holidays thread on here. Not this year???
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    Saying good bye is hard --

    When ever Jeff and I wanted to go racing in Portland we'd give my brother a call. Jeff's truck was a little 4 cylinder Toyota Tacoma and my brother had a Ford F250 with a home build camper on the back and a gigantic diesel engine (dating from some time in the 1970's). He used it to travel, camp...
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    Who knows about this??

    WOW! Pretty cool. Events from all over the world and I linked in on the SCCA Major going on at Pacific this weekend. Figured you guys would recognize it. I wonder if they also showed ICSCC events. Yes, no? Sadly, my laps is the source of data :(
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    [For Sale] Former NW FF car for sale in GREAT condition At $9,500 this former Northwest racer should not be sitting on the market. Rebuilt up here by Steve Alpers in Lakewood.
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    [For Sale] Any body interested in FC racing?

    At $15,000 including spares and trailer, this is one of those BARGAIN opportunities to get in to serious open wheel racing with the gang of FC's that are now in ICSCC! A check and a couple of days driving to and from Michigan...
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    It's after 9:00 AM Sunday morning. WHY isn't the Indy 500 on KOMO TV right now? Jack Hanna and wildlife instead of the Indy? Are those people crazy? We need to get the programming director FIRED at KOMO
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    Oh Canada

    Some of you may remember a few years ago when a group of racers out of Calgary were coming down for Spokane and Portland races with FC cars. They were lead by a guy name Blair Robertshaw. Well, they haven't been down in a while now but Blair is still very active in the racing community. :) This...
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    Best of Show!

    WOW! Best of show in Pebble Beach this year is a 1954 Ferrari Scaglietti Coupe. The first post war car to take the tittle in over 50 years. Also, lives in Medina :)
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    Thinking FC??

    This has got to be the best buy of the year if you're interested in going FC racing! $11,000 for the car, trailer and spares! $9,000 for the car alone! WOW, wow, wow! Almost as good as when we offered two Reynard FC's for...
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    An old northwest racer that some of you may remember

    Patrick Mackey who raced out of Spokane in the early 1970's with an FF.
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    Larry Vollum contact

    Somebody on APEXSPEED is trying to contact Larry Vollum (ICSCC member racer). His name is Gary Slahor in Baltimore, Maryland. Can someone let Larry know? I don't have contact info.. Here's where he is on Apexspeed in case Larry wants to contact him through there...
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    Canadian GP`

    If you didn't see it yesterday, you just GOTTA try to catch the replay today! Best Grand Prix race in a long, long time. I won't spoil it if you don't know.
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    Just a reminder - Why race??

    Why we race:
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    Sad Christmas news

    Well, his earnings for 2013 are released.. sad.. sigh Now that he's retired from Microsoft, Bill Gates only earned $11.5 Billion dollars compared to Warren Buffett's $12.7 Billion 2013 was a bad year for Billionaires, and me :)
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    I just watched a show on SPEED titled "The History of SCCA Racing" which it wasn't... lol But it was a GREAT review of the Trans-Am series hosted by Sam Posey. There was also a brief piece showing the 1976 Trans Am race at Seattle (which I believe is still the last Pro race run there). Good...