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    [For Sale] Two Sparco 3 layer driver's suits

    Excellent pics Dan. Unfortunately, neither of the suits will work for me. Hopefully real soon for someone else. Thank you, Jim Venable
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    [For Sale] Two Sparco 3 layer driver's suits

    Dan, What year and model style are the suits? Thank you, Jim Venable
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    [Sold] Trailer - $1200 - New Price

    Sold. 2007 Top Notch brand tandem axle flat bed trailer. 14 foot bed. Second owner since 2009. Used to haul a Spec Miata. Perfect size for smaller or formula car. Sorry. Unable to upload pictures. I tried. Text the number below number or provide an e-mail for pics. Trailer has been well...
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    The Ridge Improvements

    Hello all, Was last at the Ridge in the Fall of 17. Has the paved area for trailers been extended since then? Have there been other notable improvements that would be beneficial to know about? Thank you, Jim Venable
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    July Pacific Race Question

    I'm a bit confused. The main page shows registration for the Portland race in August. Did the July Pacific race get cancelled or moved? I ask because there is no registration ability or race info in the drop down season schedule as well on the main page. Thanks and appreciated, Jim Venable
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    Helmets: 2017 Rule Clarification

    Based on the below, it appears helmets dated 2005 or later with the proper safety designation are acceptable for 2017. I've included the 2017 Helmet Safety rules and links for ICSCC & SCCA for comparative reasons for those who race both organizations. SCCA: From January 2017 edition. GCR Page...
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    Mini Enduro Clarification Questions

    I've read the rules for the Mini Enduro but am not clear about the below two questions. Can one enter just the Mini Enduro or must one be an entrant in another run group to enter the Enduro? If a driver is entered in a run group and decides to run the mini as well, can a second driver who is...
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    [For Sale] Miata Wheels & Tires

    Eight (8) used Toyo RA1 205/50/15 tires. 4 unmounted. Cut to 2/32 with two heat cycles. $125.00 for all four or $40.00 each. 4 are mounted. Cut to 4/32 with six heat cycles. $200.00. You pay for un-mounting. See package option below. Eight (8) used Kosei (white) K-1 38 offset wheels...
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    Shout Out.

    We'd like to publicly extend a shout out to Spec Miata driver Keith Novak who exemplified what ICSCC is all about in addition to the racing. Keith allowed some of his valuable time this past weekend to correct our improperly balanced tires that were mounted and "I quote" balanced by a tire...
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    Graphics Company Needed

    Anyone have a recommendation for a NW Graphics Business that understands our needs for racecar graphics? Thanks, Jim
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    Spokane - Group 2

    Are there really no Miata entries in Group 2 or are the entries not showing for some reason on Motorsports reg?
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    Race Monitor Race Tracking System

    Hey all, Below are links to information about a program known as Race Monitor which is separate from and doesn't interfere with our timing system. It appears this would add some extra enjoyment to those attending race weekends as well as those who can't. The tracks link below states it's...
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    Craiglist Add -1979 Van Diemen Formula Ford

    I have no interest in this car. Simply saw the add on Craiglist and figured I let everyone know. If what the add states is true, it appears this is a fairly decent opportunity for someone. The add was posted four days ago so it may end soon.
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    Portland - Dash For Kids - August 10 - 11

    Cascade is conducting drivers training on Friday the 9th. Do they by chance mix in test and tune sessions or is it strictly drivers training? Thanks