Zero hour, prepared SBC - for bracket racing or track/race car


This is a fresh, zero-hour rebuild that I'm swapping out for a fuel-injected LS-series engine. Here are the details:

GMPPP ZZ430 bottom end (forged crank, .030 overbore 350)
Eagle H-beam rods - new (retail $450)
13:1 KB forged pistons - new (retail $500)
AFR 210cc heads - new (retail: $1550)
Edelbrock single-plane intake - new
Jesel shaft rocker system - new (retail: $890)
Lunati solid roller cam - new (retail: $600)
Mighty Demon carburetor (currently jetted for forced induction - retail: $580
MSD billet distributor and 6-series ignition - new

The heads alone are $1500+. Asking $3500 for the entire assembly.
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Randy Blaylock

Highlander Motorsports
Do you have the LS engine yet bruce? I have a complete turnkey/harness/PCM etc... ASA take out that may be available.


Hi Randy,

Yes, I've got the engine, and the customized harness kit. However, I will definitely keep yours in mind, in case I either run into a problem (e.g. need to perform unnatural acts on this harness), or for the next project (what are we *not* putting LS engines into, these days?)



Thought I would bump this, as the engine has been under-wraps on a pallet rack all year. This is still a great deal for someone looking to get a little more radical with their SBC-equipped track car.