Which ICSCC Class will have the most exciting racing this year?


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ITA - best mix of closely competitive cars and always decent-sized fields

Sport Touring should be interesting as long as their are no overdog cars


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Whenever I'm at the track and not racing myself I make sure to watch Pro 3, ITA, Spec Miata and now ITX. Group 2 and 5 and Pro 3 are what I enjoy spectating.


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That's a tough one...I am biased towards PRO3 as we have some new blood coming to join us, so that should make for some good racing as the season progresses. The new ST class promises to be a very fun class to watch - its different mix of cars and horsepower configurations will make for some exciting laps!


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Biased and unfair!!! No Production class was shown. GP is the place this year. Geez guys, don't forget about us little folks.


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Should be a good year. We'll have the 944 Cup guys coming over from SCCA to run under ICSCC for a couple of races. Will definitely boost participation in Group 5 ITS... where we tend to have good battles with the Z cars, Miatas, and E30's.


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ST sounds like the ticket to me for 2010. Something new for a change, with simple effective rules that should make for some great racing.


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I just checked out the Novice CW entries. 4 out of 7 (so far) are BMW E30s. I'll assume that most, if not all of these, are Pro3 cars. Not bad.

Pro3 just keeps on growing and growing....