Where are all of the Miatas?

Randy Blaylock

Highlander Motorsports
Miatas sure are popular at the 25, seem to be a great platform for enduros, where are all of our local racers and why aren't they signing up for the first ever enduro at The Ridge?

Bill Bonsell

Well-known member

I posted an invite over on the mazda racers forum which most all SCCA and NASA spec miata racers peruse. The fact that there is a SCCA sanctioned road race the following weekend at The Ridge, may or may not have an impact. As far as all the Conference SM guys, your guess is as good as mine why they don't choose to run these things. In a Miata, these little endurance races are like driving to Portland and back...pretty routine!! They just keep going and going and going...

Any idea how many sessions on Saturday?