WANTED: 225/50/15 tires

I am looking for some to do some test fitting on my car. Not too concerned about quality but would love a set of RA1's and or other DOT tire. If there are some good used ones out there I am happy to buy something. Let me know what you have. sa_haynes@yahoo.com


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Give Scott Adare a call (Adare Motorsports, Spokane), or see him at Portland. He usually has a stack of RA1 15" take offs sitting around.



Great SCOTT!
Scott: I live in you neighborhood..

I have a set of R888's that I need to dismount. In fact, they are on a 15x7 wheel with 4x100 lug pattern and -42 offset. You might be able to just borrow my wheels and do your test fitting with some spacers. reply here or email your phone number: riceclassic@gmail.com

Just to get this out the world: I also need a used set or sets of good 225/50/15 take-offs