Volunteers and club scheduling

Karen Stimson

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Sorry to reboot this topic, but I finally had time to sit down and read the rule changes thread about scheduling.
BTW thanks to Randy and anyone else who had a hand in setting up the actual proposals. They are well-put-together and thoughtful.

There is something that hasn't really come up in all our discussion. I know that Cascade and probably most/all the other clubs have a number of non-Conference events which the clubs' base of volunteers support.

Cascade takes on the support role for the Historics races and the NASCAR weekend, (there may be others I can't think of right now), in addition to helping out at the PIR swap meet. There was a British racing weekend at PIR over the holiday that Becky was looking for help with. In addition, these same people volunteer for the SCCA events.

I'm not convinced that Conference downsizing the number of weekends of Championship racing is the whole fix. It has surprised me in the years past that the club board would take on the role of supporting a non-Conference race without checking with the volunteer base first to see if they wanted to add another weekend to their schedule. I think that volunteer involvement in the scheduling process is really the heart of the issue.

Proposal: Maybe what would do the most good is to have each club have a Volunteer Chairman who is present at the board meetings to put in a say for these people. This Chairman could be responsible for polling the worker base to see what their energy level is. Maybe instead of downsizing the two central clubs' conference races, these two clubs should consider whether they should downsize their extraneous commitments--based on input from their volunteer base. (Please note that I suggest this in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental manner. This is food for thought on how we can do the best thing for everyone.)
Perhaps the appropriate use of CSCC ROD Representative may serve to that end, Karen.

If the BoD still recognizes the attributes of that role, of course.