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Karen Stimson

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Most of you probably caught, in an earlier thread, that The Ridge Racing School will be having a spring opener coming up in March. The March 16, 17, and 18 dates are for drivers with previous track experience. There will be an advanced group to accommodate racers.

Additionally, after the first session, passengers will be allowed --a rare opportunity here in the PNW. So bring your family or friends along. There will also be shuttle service to the top of the ridge for a better viewing area.

Coaching will be available for those who wish to include that. We just finished having the Instructor Training event. There is a great group of talent available here, including quite a few Conference drivers. Note: as instructors, we will only earn wages on lapping days by getting hooked up as a coach, so it will benefit those of us that you know, if you request one of us or encourage others to request. :)
[Conference instructors: Karen Stimson, Randy Blaylock, Michael Conatore, Colin Kohler, Kevin Doyle, Manfred Duske, Michael Olsen, Scott and Ryan Hieronymus, Bob Mearns, Dean Conti]

Fred Wright is running a trial on April 1 to have an OW grid. If you are interested in having more OW track time available for practicing before race weekends, then this is a great time to get it together and show your support!
Contact Fred asap.

To sign up or get more info,

Bill Bonsell

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My son and I will be up there on Sunday, the 18th. Looking forward to it. Any other Miata's coming out to play?


Karen Stimson

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Check in with Fred 360-529-5322 (school number). Maybe we can get that info posted back here.
I'm not sure exactly what the plans are for flagging, etc.

Michael Maros

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[Conference instructors: Karen Stimson, Randy Blaylock, Michael Conatore, Colin Kohler, Kevin Doyle, Manfred Duske, Michael Olsen, Scott and Ryan Hieronymus, Bob Mearns, Dean Conti]
Don't forget to add Michael Maros to the above group of Conference Instructors


Great SCOTT!

I had the same question myself as well at first. The Ridge Racing School is it's own entity.

The website is here:

The March Days are $249/day.

I don't know about everyone else but this off season has been looooooooooong. I can't wait to shake down the car. I'm going to be there on Saturday and Sunday.
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Correct. Only the official schools put on by ICSCC Clubs count as the first step to gaining a race license.

Schools that are certified to feed the SCCA Novice program (Pro Drive, Proformance, etc) are OK with us too. The Ridge Racing School isn't currently, but may be in the future.

Karen Stimson

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I suspect that Fred Wright will be looking into getting the Ridge Racing School certified for novice racer requirements.

If you think that you will need to use a Ridge school to get started in the novice program, I would recommend contacting Fred about where he is in that process.

Also, there is a Cascade school Mar. 24 (sat.), more Ridge schools on Apr. 1, 6, and 27, and then the Cascade school on May 4 preceding the first ICSCC race.
Prodrive starts their season later on May 15.
I'm sure that IRDC has something in there too.
The SCCA changed their GCR 'two school' requirements some years ago, and essentially gave accreditation to qualifying private racing schools to help to accommodate the increasing number of region/divisions that were not able meet the requirements due to their geographic, or schedule limitations.

This would certainly be a new twist on ICSCC's interests in increasing car counts. The clubs would no longer carry the burden of providing drivers' schools, and private schools could essentially maintain a schedule at multiple venues through the year with no limitations for assigned geographic boundaries as the clubs are confined.

Certainly the clubs' experienced drivers could be contracted to provide qualified, and ICSCC specific instruction and training.

Consider the possibilties.