Team Continental Track Day


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Team Continental is having an HPDE/Driver training on Saturday Sept 22nd at Oregon Raceway Park.

In order for this to happen we need 45 entrants signed up by August 18th. Mid-September is a time for excellent track weather
in Central Oregon, it should be an outstanding event. There is a $50 discount if you enter by August 18th, and a diiscount for
being a Team Continental member as well. Thes discounts appear iin the registration once you select your event type (HPDE or Driver Training), so
don't be put off by not immediately seeing the discounts.

You can see the full flyer here:
And the link to the online registration is here:
Tentative schedule is here:

Hope you'll sign up and have some on track fun with Team Continental, and if you've already signed up, thank you, and be sure to tell your friends, too.

Kevin Smith
2018 Team Continental Driving Master
Kevin, thank you for posting this information about your ORP track event. Will racecars be invited to run wild and free, as nature intended, or is this event designed for street cars only?


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Race cars are welcome. They won't run "wild and free". They will be bound by Team Continental's normal track day rules, and would be running in
either group 2 or group 3 along side street cars. Which group would depend on how fast the car is, and how much experience running Oregon Raceway Park
the driver has had.

I hope you will come out Richard!