Suggestion for the CSCC Enduro

Jim Brassfield

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So, I have a suggestion I would like to throw out for folks to think on about the CSCC Enduro.

The participation level of the Enduro has fallen off to a point where, in my view, it is not sustainable. I have no inside information on this, it is simply an observation.

The number of entrants and volunteers has fallen to levels never before seen, that I recall.

So, my suggestion is, the club could come up with a minimum number of entrants to break even, financially. Get that number out to the racers. Also, set a date that, if the required number of entries is not met by said date, the Enduro is not to be held that year.

Ya know, the Enduro used to be something that the workers planned for early on in the season, to get teams and menus set up for the day. It used to be there was a contest to see what turn did the best food for the day. The last couple of years, the turn crews were fed, primarily, by one turn crew, sending out food to the other turns. Last year, Holly did a wonderful job sending out pizzas, and before that, Bud and I sent out bowls of beef stew and cornbread.

So, there you have it.

Your thoughts on this matter are appreciated.


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I'm on the board of directors for Cascade, and this has been a frequent topic of discussion.
In short, the alternative racing opportunities (Lucky Dog, etc) have made a big dent in the sanctioned enduro events. Traditionally the CSCC enduro has been run in the fall when many drivers have already worn out their cars and gear and have headed back to the barn to regroup for the next season. One possibility would be to move it to a spring event that teams could use as a shake down event, but that would be breaking the tradition and risks losing even more entrants.
Believe me, we would love to re-invent the race and make it vibrant again, but in short it needs participants. So if we want to see it survive, drivers need to step up and sign up.
I personally can not say enough about how great the turn workers and volunteers are. I think the event should have a very family friendly, food driven fiesta feel to it. It would be a shame to see such a time honored event wither and die.
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