Subaru of Bend Sponsoring my Car!


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Subaru of Bend Sponsoring my Car!

The first Subaru factory backed road race car, a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon, is being dusted off and brought back to racing by Subaru of Bend and Colonel Red Racing, LLC.

Bend, Ore (July 23, 2014) In 2006 Subaru built their first factory supported road race car, a 2005 Legacy GT Wagon, and raced it in the Grand Am cup. In 2007 the team switched to Legacy Spec B sedans, and the wagon was converted to time attack, driven by Tarzan Yamada. Since 2007 the race car has been collecting dust in a warehouse in Pennsylvania.

This year the car was acquired by Colonel Red Racing of Bend Oregon. Subaru of Bend is sponsoring this unique and historic car as it races across the NW in the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSCC) ST class.

“We are extremely gratified to have Subaru of Bend’s support in keeping this car on the race track,” said Jim “Gator” Hudson, owner of Colonel Red Racing. “Not only because the car is unique historically, but it’s a lot of fun to race against Corvettes, BMW M3s, and Mustangs in Subaru Wagon! Subaru of Bend’s service technicians’ performance expertise will be valuable in keeping this car going throughout the season, and having a source of OEM Subaru parts is very important.”

“We look forward to sponsoring this car in 2014 and 2015,” said Bill Thomas, President of Subaru of Bend. Subarus are great performance cars and Subaru of Bend is building a reputation as performance specialists. This gives our technicians a chance to show their expertise, and the dealership the opportunity to support an important piece of Subaru history. We are the oldest Subaru dealer on the west coast and can’t wait to see this car racing on west coast tracks.”

I am ecstatic to have Subaru of Bend's sponsorship!:):):):)
This is hugely important to the future of this car. They are supporting us in every way...Service Techs, Parts, Tires, the whole thing!
Thank you Subaru of Bend!!