[For Sale] Standard Formula Mazda


Standard Formula Mazda, low-time sealed/legal engine, rhino-cased transaxle, double adjustable shocks, alum calipers, complete spare painted bodywork with nose & front wings, newer fuel cell, 8 extra wheels (+ 4 on car), 2 radio's & crew headset, alignment bars, some other spares. Pi data system. 1993 chassis that is in great shape & well taken care of. $19,000. (May sell for less with only 4 extra wheels and no extra bodywork or nose).

This is a nice, competitive car I just brought up from California that finished 6th at the 2014 Runoffs at Laguna. Engine was fresh then, only raced a few times since. Well maintained car.

Selfishly - I plan to only sell this car in the Northwest ! We are getting a great core group of FM's. We have at least 7 FM's in the area now, hope to have at least 4 or 5 show up to race locally at many races this year in ICSCC. These are fast, reliable, durable, low maintenance (for a race car) & FUN race cars. Parts are readily available from current manufacturer in Texas. The cars are very equal, with most items specified. They have sealed engines that last multiple seasons, from one builder (that lives near Medford OR) & great spec tires, etc., so you have to drive the crap out of them to win. ~185 HP & 1,150 pound car (1,350 after race with driver). You can turn 1:23's (record in the 1:21's) at Pacific, 1:17's (record in the 1:15's) at PIR. Woo Hoo !!!

Come join our group & show me how to do it !!!

Don't let the SCCA crap scare you, ICSCC is the place to race !!! We can also race with SOVREN !

Mel Kemper
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