ST class contender for sale! Factory built FR500S race car!

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With the new ST class coming up, you will be looking for the best car for the job. Ever want to hold the competition away at arms length and giggle? Look no further!

TC Motorsports has three 2009 Ford Racing FR500S cars for sale. Each of these factory built racecars is ONLY $40K (New $75K) with a comprehensive spares package available.

FR500S Advantages:
  • Completely TURN-KEY- no building, no sorting, no guessing
  • Push the start button and WIN
  • Extremely durable
  • Low repair and operating cost
  • Easy to drive very fast
  • No performance fade over long race distances
  • Big torque and big brakes
  • Easy upgrades available for even more performance
  • Tuned and maintained since new by TC Motorsports
  • Local professional race support available with TC Motorsports

  • Built at AAI in Flat Rock, Mich., the home of the Mustang
  • Roll cage built to SCCA, NASA and Grand-Am Spec
  • Factory-built and painted body shell with all sound deadening and seam sealer deleted
  • Complete safety system including integral side left and right head restraint, a six-point Ford Racing branded Sparco HANS-compatible harness, and Ford Racing branded Sparco steering wheel with Sparco quick-release hub, Sparco fire suppression system and Ford Racing branded Sparco window net.
  • Lexan quarter and rear windows
  • AIM MXL Data Acquisition System with latest updates
  • Master cutoff switch and center switch panel
  • Decontented wiring harnesses for minimum necessary functionality
  • Aero - Wing/Splitter
  • 3:73-ratio axle with Ford Racing/Torsen differential
  • Engine Type: Dyno-checked and sealed 4.6L 3-valve, fuel-injected V8
  • Bore/Stroke (mm): 90.2x90.0
  • Compression Ratio (in/mm): 9.8:1
  • Material: All Aluminum
  • Horsepower: 325
  • Ford Racing high capacity racing radiator and aluminum degas bottle
  • Ford Racing 84mm cold air intake kit
  • Ford Racing driveshaft loops
  • 6-speed transmission with upgraded clutch and Ford Racing short-throw shifter and reverse lock out
  • Recalibrated PCM
  • Factory Traction Control
  • Ford Racing/Borla stainless steel long-tube headers and X- Pipe
  • Drivetrain Layout: Rear-wheel drive
  • Front Suspension: Two-way adjustable remote reservoir Sachs front dampers with coil springs, adjustable anti-roll bar
  • Rear Suspension: Live-axle; Panhard rod, two-way adjustable remote reservoir Sachs rear dampers with coil over springs, anti-roll bar
  • Ford Racing/Brembo 4-piston 14" Front brakes with race pads front & rear; Race ABS calibration
  • Ford Racing Front and Rear sway bars with 3-position front adjustment
  • Steering Type: Rack-and-Pinion
  • Ford Racing front strut tower brace
  • Ford Racing front camber/caster plate
  • Ford Racing rack-and-pinion steering

Call Carlo at TC Motorsports 253-887-0500 for more information and images visit

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Thanks guys! Great cars, but they need to go since we are running a multi-car KONI Sports Car Challenge team this coming year with 2010 Riley Camaro (Read More). Otherwise, we would stick with these cars in FRMC or maybe may a run against the import cars in ST. :D

If they do not sell, we'll have to pull them out and do a couple of races with you.
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In the spec series the cars normally run in (Ford Racing Mustang Challenge) the minimum weight with driver is 3600 lbs. All of our drivers were about 180 lbs, and we ran ballast and a cool suit to meet the minimum.

For some additional data, the cars ran low 1:33 in testing at Seattle (not trying to do flyers, no tuning, just getting seat time at a track day) in spec trim.

EASY upgrades to these cars for additional speed.

  • Weight reduction (lots of places to lose weight here)
  • Engine mods (Lots of inexpensive mods to add HP are available without losing reliability. Mustang has the largest aftermarket support!)
  • Lighter and wider wheels (spec is production GT500 18X9.5- 30 lb. wheel)
  • Wider tires (the cars run on 245/40/18 BFG R1) Going to a 275 is EASY and you could go to a bigger size with little more then a fender roll)

Again, these cars are very low strung. The entire drivertrain is factory production parts and very reliable.

The brakes are really excellent providing amazing stopping power and feel. The big Brembo GT kit will let you hammer races in the hottest weather (try Alabama in July) with zero fade. The cooling system is exceptional, again, zero overheating even in the hottest weather in 45 minute races. The Sachs dampers are very nice and very precise and te steering feel is excellent.

In two years of full championship racing with three cars, we have had near zero drivetrain, brake or suspension reliability issues.

FYI, this website (Ford Racing FR500S factory support) has virtually every piece of technical advice you would want (car technical specs, repair data, wind tunnel data, suspension setup guides, everything).

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In the context of running ST with these cars, there wouldn't be a lot you'd necessarily want to/need to do, as they're already pretty close to 10:1 weight/power ratio. OTOH, if you wanted to run this in SPO (e.g.), there's LOTS of stuff you could do.

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You are correct, Steve. My point is that the cars are pretty competitive as is, and not yet built to the limit of the ST rules. Upgrading is possible (for the guys that like to tinker) as the class gets more competitive over the years.

Oh yeah, if the leave the cars "as is" you could go run some pro races in the FRMC if you desired to try something different. The cars are also good in the NASA American Iron class, and of course if you want to mod the heck out of the cars, you could run ICSCC and SCCA ITE, SPO... :)


In the context of running ST with these cars, there wouldn't be a lot you'd necessarily want to/need to do, as they're already pretty close to 10:1 weight/power ratio. OTOH, if you wanted to run this in SPO (e.g.), there's LOTS of stuff you could do.
Is that 325HP at the wheels? If not, you'll need to pump up the power and drop the vehicle weight more than a bit to hit 10:1.

Nonetheless, it could be a fun starting point in ST.