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Has anyone seen a plan for the proposed road course alterations?

If possible, please provide a link.

Any details are appreciated.
That reporter doesn't sound like a big supporter of the track. He is real quick to point out the cost. Yet, he does not mention income or other benefits except mentioning how they "hope" the costs will be repaid. I hope there is more support for this track in Spokane.


Gary Poole
I was actually surprised at how unbiased the article was. It didn't really included any editorial comments, just information.

I scanned this image in from an actual newspaper.

Michael Maros

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It's hard to imagine the track layout if the straight is eliminated. There doesn't seem to be enough room for a paddock area and track unless the entry to the infield is completely changed. You're right Kevin, there isn't enough information here. Scott Adare probably knows.

Michael Maros

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Well what do you know. Wait 10 minutes and there is the answer. This group doesn't miss a beat.
Maybe they will smooth out the pavement between 1 and 2.


Gary thanks for posting that !

What Image that Gary posted is similar to what was brought to the NWMS meeting a few years back. The objective was to get rid of two major track issues. One of them being pit access, and the other was racing on the drag strip. The draft I saw wasn't as tight as this in the turn 8 area if I can remember correctly. The widening and upgrades
to the old turn off road was to accomadate a shorter race course. I think this was brought up by some of the vintage racers. The widening at one would eliminate the issue
of the bump. If you ever walk out there and look at that location, it is where paving haulted and then continued at a later date. It has always been an issue to stop and start
paving with out a hump :)

We all have to think of this as a major positive for the track, as some focus has been directed away from the drag strip, and being focused back on the road course, and pit access safety. It appears that the changes could be on hold until funding is decided. One of the original uses for the track when the County took it over was for law enforcement training, and this layout would help that. There was discussion of funds being in the State budget for a facility. This was all before the down turn.

Disclaimer : This is just my view of what has been discussed, and I have some knowledge of.

Richard Broadhead

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I don't know what Spokane visualizes as the 'long term' goal for the track. But whoever does the final redesign of the track needs to keep one thing in mind. MOST of the serious PRO racing organizations consider a 2.25 mile track as a minimum for hosting their events.

That is part of the reason Portland did some track mods to 'sorta' fudge their length and also the reason they have an undone plan for a slight expansion of the track to add length in the Turn 3/4 area. Yes, yes I know they are officially 1.97 miles but when ALMS and CART were coming they went through a period where they claimed to be "over" 2.1 miles. YUP, a track official told me that on one occasion when I asked for a verified length for my Robic.

Okay there are exceptions such as Lime Rock. But it has a long, long history and lots-a money behind it to keep it as a big event venue. Actually, there are a LOT-a guys in Connecticut who could pay to have AMA (bikes), ALMS, IRL (CART) or Grand Am (IMSA) come up and race at a private event just for them.
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Michael Maros

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It seems like the modification would reduce it to around 2.25 miles and it would still be a nice layout. It's a really fun course to drive. By separating the drag strip from the road course they could avoid the overlap that occurs at Seattle and Portland with the drag racers. The expensive part is going to be spinning the grandstands around to view the road course.

Steve Adams

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I'm guessing the comment about spinning the grandstands around was a joke, but how many of you know that we can't actually have real spectators? Seriously, it's an insurance thing.


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Yeah, I've read all of the P&P manual and your right. Can't sell our events to the spectators.
As far as the track layout:
I've got a pretty good map that Jim Sloane gave me a while back that has a different layout that would lengthen the track and allow for pit access from the outside also.
I'll see if I can scan it in parts and attach them then post as it's about 24" long. Not sure if it's even being considered at this point in time but it looked great!
I do like the whole entry into T1-T2 mods. Might help keep the traffic off of the Gravelly Lake drive in front of the"Burning Bales" .

I'm gonna miss it again this year.


"The Okie"
Last year was my first there and it will be on my schedule from now until they close it (never). I like the idea about making the paddock area accesable during racing. I dont see why they can't leave the current turn at the back and curl it around, still leaving access. This would not shorten the track length much at all and add another tight turn to play on.


Code X Motorsports
This should actually be my first year making it to Spokane. I am very much looking forward to not only the track but the 944 Cup / Pro3 Challenge race. I am very happy to have the other 44 Cup guys finally running some Conference events. I've had some awesome battles with the E30's over the last couple years and it should be a great race with all of us together.


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Here is a scan of the plan (??) that I was given several months ago. Is it a real plan? Who knows... It shows the changes that would allow for an external paddock area, providing the police skid pad was consrtucted. The 'thumb' on the back side shows a faint light colored line from roughly north to south, straightening that turn. It was felt by certain persons that this would make for a more desireable layout to permit opportunities for passing in that braking zone.
I really like this plan. It addresses the problem of track access, it rids the course of two rather undesirable corners in terms of track width and quality of surface and it gets the road course off of the drag strip. I see that there is also the idea of putting in additional track to the east (?) to lengthen and complicate the layout. Excellent ideas all. Obviously, the major sticking point to the whole thing is money. TAX money now. We will see how committed Spokane is to this park. So far, so good!


That is bit of a change to the plans I saw a few years back. I like this layout better :) . The other thought was a hot pit area/ paddock area on the east side of the track
just north of the circle track north parking lot. The plan I originally saw had the law enforcement training center just north of the turn 4/ 5 straight. It would be within that
added loop. The proposals for new track operator were due in at the end of January according to the County site, so I would expect some kind of announcement in the
next month or so on who the new operator will be.


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Additional track surface would be to the west of existing area. Paddock would be to the east where a dirt parking area is located now.
Don't know how funding is going although if they can operate this year they will see some kind of revenue from it. I don't know how their going to handle paying the contractors for the work done last year though.
Some upgrades, sewer, water, etc. would need to be completed prior to track layout changes being considered too. I think they're running the facility under a condional use permit now.
My opinion only. I'm fairly out of the official loop of knowlege :)

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Sorry Lawrence ! I started a new username when the forum changed and didn't realize my name wasn't on my profile :)

Mike Poorboy

BTW.. It wouldn't hurt if someone would start a Friends of SCR page on Facebook. I am surprised how fast the PIR one is growing in
just a few days. The existing SCR Facebook page is pretty much drag racers .
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