Spokane Pro 3 Special Race standing start ?


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Okay, I am the designated sacrificial anode on this rumor :eek:

With the widing of the the drag strip, and now new concrete surface, the word is a standing start would be awesome for the spectators at the Spokane Grand Prix for the Pro 3 race. There is plenty of room to due a staggered grid for for the start ...

I don't need no fire suit ;) ...


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There is over 1300' from the start of the bleachers to the start finish line.
With a staggered grid the safety factor goes up. With a 40' seperation for
a possible stalled car you can fit 32 rows of two , 15 rows would fit in front
of the grandstands. The cars would come out of the pregrid area to their
spot. Then do at least one lap to warm tires, then back to their assigned

The announcer can introduce the drivers as they pull out to their grid spot.
The PA system works now :)
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Count me in. Some of the Pro3 group did this several years ago in the USTCC support race in Portland; that was a standing start. Same format, one lap, stop in place, wait for green. Worked well.

You know us; we're willing to try most things!


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Mikee, standing starts are hard on the equipment as you no doubt know. As fun as it is it doesn't do the car any favors, but I'm sure the spectators would love it.
I heard Mr. A. Cadell tore it up last week-end. Man I love to watch that young man drive!


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Shoot, Wes, last I checked, racing in general was hard on equipment!

Andrew not only tore up the Pro3 grid, he jumped out front to 20 second lead over second place and maintained it, and his car had nothing special in it compared to the others. He is a real pro; we are specs in his mirror!

Mark Estes

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Here is the rule, no mention of a possible standing start.. :(

E/C 709. Starting procedures. All classes shall utilize the rolling start. The rolling start
shall be a mass start commencing from a false grid. The driver holding pole
position will have the option of choosing from which side of the false grid that
he/she wishes to grid. The pace car or car in the pole position shall set the
pace as directed by the starter. THERE WILL BE A DOUBLE STANDING
LAP. The grid must be orderly, in a tight formation and be moving at a
constant and moderate pace prior to receiving the green flag from the starter.
yellow under the pace car control, but not in the area under the waving yellow.
A. In the event of more than one pace lap, the race length starts at the
completion of the first pace lap. Where the pace car is not present for
subsequent pace laps, all turn stations will display a single yellow flag.
The car in the pole position shall set the pace as directed by the Starter.


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Which part of the second sentence of rule 709 didn't you understand?

"All classes shall utilize the rolling start."

"Shall" doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room...


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Does that rule only refer to championship races? If it is a special race, with no championship points, is there any wiggle room?


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I assume either the race steward or the E-board would have to get involved with this idea, and I'm sure the insurance requirements will also need to be addressed.
A rolling start is sounding like a great idea at this point!

Randy Blaylock

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As a special event, the rules for this event are governed in the Policy and Procedures manual section 23.2.1 and 23.2.2, and referenced to the Competition Regulations section 703. F.

ICSCC Policy and Procedures section 23.2.1 states... "A “special event” is an event held as part of an ICSCC championship race, but may not necessarily award championship points. Special events shall comply with ICSCC Competition Regulations 703. F. for the current year, except that special rules may be used with at least 45 days prior approval of the Executive Board. The driver levy is charged."

C/R 703. F. defines the scheduling only, not the gridding or starting procedure.

The gridding and starting procedure for special races per the Policy and Procedure manual is the prerogative of the Executive Board.

In years past, the grid for special events has been set by postmark on entries. This contradicts the Competition Regulations E/C 708, which suggests that the Executive Board has exercised this prerogative.

A standing start falls well within "special rules", and cannot be automatically ruled out.
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Scott Norton

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except that special rules may be used with at least 45 days prior approval of the Executive Board.

Today is day 35 if my counting is correct. :(
I hope there is a way to make this happen even if I am not in the race it would be very exciting to watch. Introduces a new skill set to the matrix. :cool:


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Just in my humble opinion - do none of you watch races with standing starts?

Professionals write off huge amounts of expensive machinery in standing starts and they PRACTICE them. Amateurs who can't actually hear their cars because of earplugs and the SCREAMING engines of those around you who also haven't had any experience with standing starts have an excellent chance of either bogging or spinning the tires. If you are lucky or skilled enough to get a GREAT hooked up start and aren't on the front row you will likely find yourself blasting through a mob of cars that are potentially moving MUCH slower than you, slewing sideways with smoking tires, or scattering twelve wide to miss everyone else doing the above.

I'm not voicing dissent - I have great faith in the driving skills and cooperation of the Pro-3 group, I'm just suggesting that you should be carefull what you wish for! You just got done racing with James Clay and I know he is a friend of Pro-3 and an active poster on your forum. Ask him how many cars have been written off in Speed Cup standing starts and make sure you go in with eyes wide open. Speed doesn't damage cars, speed differential does and standing starts are great speed differential producers.