Spokane Challenge Race rules?

Scott Norton

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Last year there were no rules published either. If same as last year there are 2 BMW classes: Pro3 and Anything else. Grid was lined up by entry received date.
Hope that helps Mikey. Good run down at ORP.


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Thing is, when I was Steward, I didn't know the rules for this race, either. Indeed, it's a special run group put on by NWMS -- there was some debate if the ICSCC Steward even had jurisdiction over the race, or not.


Spokane Challenge Race consists of a 30 minute race for BMWs. There are prizes for Pro3 finishing results, and "all other" finishing results. The rules - IF you are Pro3, you are eligible for the Pro3 trophy. If you are another BMW race car, you are eligible for the "all other" trophy.
If you have no chance of winning, it is a cheap race entry.
If you have a BMW, come watch!



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So I am correct to assume:

2 race groups per day $490
BMW Challenge $125

total entry should be $615?

Also when looking at the schedule I noticed the following:

Practice and Qualifying

Qualifying and Race

Qualifying and Race

Not sure what the qualifying on Friday is for if we are re-qualifying first thing on Saturday. Am I missing something?

Thanks for all the help.


Randy Blaylock

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First round afternoon qualifying for Saturday's race. Usually not as productive as Saturday morning second round qualifying for Saturday's race because track conditions are usually better in the morning hours, but it has been known to rain for second round qualifying and if you missed first round, have fun starting at the back...