Special Prize Money for William D Murry GP


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Grand Prix - $1,000.00
Paid at the conclusion of the race day following
Team Continental’s Event at O.R.P.
October 1-2-3, 2010
Cuz what’s a Grand Prix without a Grand for a Prize?
STAR Projects division of Master Mechanics is posting a $1,000.00 prize
fund and you (and that dubious ride of yours) have just as much chance of
winning it as the big spenders (maybe better).
• Here are the rules:
• There must be an Official existing lap record in your class previously
established at either of this year’s two T.C. Races.
• Your car must be legal for the class entered. Conference legality
rules apply.
• You must finish the race.
• The Driver to lower the official race lap record the most wins.
• The prize fund will be distributed as follows: $500.00 for most
improved, $300.00 for second most improved and $200.00 for third
most improved.
• The lap record you beat may be your own record from a previous
race. (Aren’t you glad you sandbagged).
• Sponsor reserves the right to increase or extend the prize fund as
additional funds are available.
• In the event of an exact tie, both competitors will be awarded the full
amount of their winning position. (at a thousandth of a second I am
feeling safe).
• Sponsors (or maybe someone else’s) decision will be final.
• Female winners also get a kiss from a handsome mechanic! (sorry to

Hope to see you at the Grand Prix.


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Current Race Lap Records

Here are the current "Race" lap records. The prize fund is paid out to the three people who lower this time the most. Race Lap records only, not Qualifying lap record.

Oregon Raceway Park - Race Lap Records rev 6-20-10
Class Date Num Name Town Club Make Licen Lap Record
AS 6-20-10 80 Rob Rissberger Junction City OR TC Chevrolet Camaro ICSCC 1:57.236
CF 6-20-10 58 Neil Shelton Portland OR CSCC Crossle 32 ICSCC 1:47.858
CR 6-20-10 34 Dale Champion Oakland OR CSCC Volkswagen Rabbit ICSCC 2:09.646
CSM 5-23-10 7 Jeffrey Clark Puyallup WA IRDC Mazda Miata ICSCC 2:00.057
DP 5-23-10 62 Don Tanner Hood River OR TC Datsun 240z ICSCC 2:04.146
EIP 6-20-10 24 Mark Hanken Scappoose OR TC Mazda RX2 ICSCC 1:57.107
EP 5-23-10 99 Jon Bonforte Portland OR CSCC Volkswagen Golf 16V ICSCC 2:00.232
FC 6-20-10 24 Tracy Dye Puyallup WA VSCC Argo ICSCC 1:45.015
FF 5-23-10 2 J.C. Cuevas Redmond WA IRDC Van Diemen RF88 ICSCC 2:13.772
FFF/F500 5-23-10 716 Sean McDonald Poulsbo WA SCCA Red Devil T2001 SCCA 1:52.837
FIP 6-20-10 147 Jack DeChristopher Portland OR TC Datsun 510 ICSCC 2:00.551
FL 5-23-10 711 Sherm Johnston Meridian ID SCCA Crossle 32F SCCA 2:25.310
FM 5-23-10 79 David Gaylord Graham WA IRDC Star Formula Mazda SCCA 1:46.717
FSR 5-23-10 8 Lee Fjellanger Bothell WA IRDC Diasio 962 ICSCC 2:18.947
FV 5-23-10 54 Paul Whitworth Victoria BC VMSC Caldwell D-13 ICSCC 2:19.170
GIP 6-20-10 17 Larry Olsen Kelso WA TC MG B Roadster ICSCC 2:05.158
GP 5-23-10 471 Dylan Olsen Kelso WA TC MG B ICSCC 2:02.179
GT1 6-20-10 95 Randy Blaylock Bothell WA IRDC Pontiac GTO ICSCC 1:43.599
GT2 6-20-10 13 Michael Shulman Coeur d'Alene ID NWMS Porsche 996 GT 3 Cup ICSCC 1:48.992
GT3 5-23-10 118 Jeff Remfert Vancouver BC SCCBC Mazda RX7 ICSCC 1:51.808
GTL 6-20-10 67 Ron Johnson Seattle WA IRDC Volkswagen Rabbit ICSCC 2:06.156
H4 5-23-10 328 Mike Delamare Snohomish WA IRDC Honda CRX SI ICSCC 2:07.714
HIP 6-20-10 53 Skip Yocom West Linn OR TC Volkswagen Rabbit ICSCC 2:09.852
HP 5-23-10 50 William S. Murray Portland OR TC Pontiac Fiero ICSCC 2:04.911
IP 6-20-10 0 Bill Thew Crane OR CSCC Saab Coupe ICSCC 2:38.726
ITA 5-23-10 47 Tucker Sheppy Beaverton OR CSCC BMW 325e ICSCC 1:59.769
ITB 5-23-10 05 Wm Duniway Murray Portland OR TC Toyota MR2 ICSCC 2:14.396
ITE 5-23-10 00 Duke Goss Kirkland WA IRDC BMW 323i ICSCC 1:51.082
ITS 5-23-10 2 Ron Tanner Portland OR TC Nissan 240Z ICSCC 2:01.117
ITX 5-23-10 47 Tucker Sheppy Beaverton OR CSCC BMW 325e ICSCC 1:58.878
PRO3 6-20-10 28 Brandy Willie Olympia WA IRDC BMW 325 IS ICSCC 1:57.463
PRO7 6-20-10 57 Duane Martinsen Port Orchard WA IRDC Mazda RX7 ICSCC 2:08.279
RS 6-20-10 89 Mike Blaszczak Mercer Island WA BMWCCA BMW 325is ICSCC 2:00.754
S2 6-20-10 37 John Bachofner Battle Ground WA TC Swift DB-2 ICSCC 1:45.094
SM 6-20-10 780 Geoff Cochran Tualatin OR SCCA Mazda Miata SCCA 2:01.339
SPM 5-23-10 3 Michael McAleenan Tacoma WA IRDC BMW M3 ICSCC 1:47.181
SPO 6-20-10 95 Randy Blaylock Bothell WA IRDC Pontiac GTO ICSCC 1:43.324
SPU 5-23-10 8 Terry Overdiek Surrey BC SCCBC Mazda RX7 ICSCC 1:54.628
ST 5-23-10 3 Michael McAleenan Tacoma WA IRDC BMW M3 ICSCC 1:48.543

See you there


Just out of curiousity how are you measuring the decrease in lap time? By seconds or by a percentage decrease from the existing lap record? Two seconds quicker in a GT-1 car is a much more 1.9% decrease in lap record, in RS a 2 second decrease in the lap record is a only a 1.6% decrease in the lap record.




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by time, not precentage. Thats how we are doing this. Bring out the good tires, and get it done.


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We are trying to get more prize money in the pot. I talk to some of the guys, but i think if you can break the official ORP lap record, I might be able to talk someone into it.


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dont know for sure what holds the record, but i know it is fast. Randy would have his work cut out for him and it would be fun to watch, especially if he beat it.


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Official Lap Record Time At ORP

Time: 1:42.095
250cc anderson shifter kart
80hp and under 500lbs with driver.

Also the Prize Fund has been changed. An additional $500 has been added. That makes it $1500. Still trying to work out if we will pay deeper or just more for the top three. Stayed tuned for more details.

Steve Adams

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For some reason, I keep seeing the title of this thread as "Special Prize Monkey," which I think would be a cool idea. Just a suggestion, if anyone from TC is listening...
Adam may take exception to that.

Your times are just about there Randy... How's your rear-end.

I know I shouldn't ask that.

Randy Blaylock

Highlander Motorsports
It's fine, thanks for asking Ken.

Just picked up 104 hp at the dyno today as a matter of fact, wonder if that will translate to a half second.


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If you are interested in being a sponser and adding more prize money please contact me at jhbowler299@gmail.com. And remember this is a race to lower the RACE LAP RECORD in your class, so anyone has a great chance.

Scott Norton

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We need Tom Carnegie to do his famous line "race fans, you are not going to believe this....iiiit's a nnnnnnewwwwww traaaaack record!" for Randy.

Just sayin :)


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If he gets that track record, i will make sure everyone there knows. It would be awsome to see. Cant wait.