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I don't see it anywhere in the announcement what time we will be able to set up in the South Paddock on Friday. Anyone know?



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You will only be able to enter the South Paddock after 5pm. If you have signed up for the school or you are volunteering you will be able to come in first this in the morning on Friday. If you are only volunteering you will need to contact Tracy Klein to gain access before the event...360 904 9999 or

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I think it would be wise to have a traffic plan for the front gate. With 200 plus entries we could conceivably have a couple of miles of cars/trailers waiting to get in. I don't think we want unplanned chaos. I know we also have several 18 wheelers and other big rigs coming.

I think when we last raced in the South paddock we didn't have this problem but we didn't have 200 plus entries and few if any 18 wheelers/big rigs that came to our races.

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For those who don't know, the first day of the Oregon Trail Rally will be at PIR this Friday evening. Their stages will actually be on the track so it should be interesting to watch. They will play in the dirt elsewhere on Saturday.


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Friday is going to be interesting coming into the track. As you know CSCC has a school this day, Oregon Rally will be there too, as well as most racers wanting to get set up Friday night.

I have been working on what will be the easiest for everyone and this is what I came up with.

I have decided to allow the entry into the track to be approximately 3pm, instead of 5pm. (Registration opens at 6pm) But remember this does not mean to show up at noon. Please understand that it is going to busy this day and the Oregon Rally cars will be coming in and getting their cars teched, they should be done by 3ish.
The school will still be going on, but by this time, some people will be heading home.

This is how I will be setting up the parking for the school.
1. All Instructors or Drivers that is participating in the school and racing this weekend will park on the front left side of the fast track cafe.
2. All Students that will not be racing will park in the very front on the right hand side of the fast track cafe.

Please be patient when you arrive at the track Friday night. I will be doing the best I can to make sure this is as smooth as possible.

Thank you,
Tracy Klein
360 904 9999
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