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For sale, Sports Racer made by Elden

This car's monocoque chassis and suspension were made by Elden in 1972 as one of three Mark 12s displayed for the London car show for Formula 3 racing. Designer Peter Hampsheir has verified this car is PRH 12 / 002 chassis no 87/1972 (In 1973 Elden also produced three very similar Mk15s).

This car was brought into the USA and first raced at Portland in August 1976 by Terry Annis who took it to the SCCA Run Offs in 1976 in FC, and in 1977, where he finished the Run Offs / National Championship race in 5th position.

Steve Doty later purchased it, put a VW 1600cc inline 4 cylinder (US Rabbit style) engine in it and ran it as a Formula Libre. Doty on 9-16-84 took 1st in FL in his Elden in a ICSCC race in Portland. Steve Doty then converted it to a Sports Racer and raced it seriously and took the ICSCC Championships in D Sports Racer with it in 1985 and 1986.

Mike Oberholtzer bought it and raced it 1987 to 1990, placing high regularly in the season points in ICSCC, but not winning the championship. In 1990 both Oberholtzer, and next owner Norm Hernandez drove it several times. Hernandez drove it frequently in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Norm Hernandez had bought a Formula Mazda, and in 1993 when the Elden's prior engine broke, he left it parked until March 16, 2005 when he sold it to Lee Fjellanger.

Lee Fjellanger chose to race it in ICSCC as a CSR from 2007 through Sept. 2009 and won the ICSCC CSR Championship 2007, 2008 & 2009. He turned laps at 1:35 at Pacific Raceways.

A purchaser can choose to race this in any organization, or race it in Sovren / Vintage as it was racing as currently configured as a Sports Racer in 1985, or the expensive option of restoring it to original F3 configuration. Or, they could part it out.

Issues that need to be addressed to race this car.

-The fuel cell needs to be replaced (the foam is disintegrating).
-The Hewland transmission case has a crack by the clutch arm
(remove & weld, or replace case, ` around $1,100).
-It should have a valve job.
-The Webber carbs should be cleaned and adjusted.
-No doubt, it needs new battery, tires, break & clutch fluids
(decent used tires are cheap = Formula Mazda castoffs).

To recap, this is:
-Monocoque chassis and suspension is F3 1972 Elden
-Engine is VW block inline 4 water cooled 1600cc (VW Rabbit)
-The best head is a Shrike (a stock head is also included)
-Transmission is a Hewland Mk 9 (5 speed plus reverse)
-Carburetor is dual, side draft Webbers DCOE 40.
-Bilstein shocks were re-manufactured in 2008.
-4 extra steel wheels for rain tires.
-Manuals = Pat Braden's "Weber Carburetors", Haynes VW Rabbit
Automotive repair Manual, the Bently "Rabbit service Manual".
-At this price there are 18 additional Hewland gear sets included
(It seems they are valued at $100 to $250 each, they can be negotiated separately).

Currently offered at $10,500

Lee Fjellanger

Additional pictures can be seen at:

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