Selling my car: 1992 BMW 325is race car and trailer, spares


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I'm selling my 1992 BMW 325is race car and its Sloane KwikLoad Trailer. I'm retiring from my racing hobby and selling the car and the trailer as a uint, including all of my spares. The car, spares, and trailer are all offered in as-is condition. This is a very exciting package for the club racer or advanced lap day driver.

The Car

The car is a 1992 BMW 325is car converted for racing use. The car was raced in ICSCC events over the last ten years, and holds lap records in the C Production class at Spokane County Raceway (formerly Spokane Raceway Park), Pacfic Raceways, Portland International Raceway, and Mission Raceway Park. The car was driven to ICSCC annual championships in Radial Sedan and C Production, and was in the top three in Improved Touring S and Super Production Modified at various times.

The car can be run in Radial Sedan, Improved Touring S, Super Production Modified classes in ICSCC. With a little work and evaluation, I believe the car can be run in the Improved Touring R class at SCCA events. The car would also be appropriate for use at lapping days.

The car has no stock interior pieces left except for the dashboard. A detachable racing steering wheel is included, as is a Recaro Pole Position model racing seat. Current FIA-approved HANS-compatible Schroth Profi II five-point belts are included. The car includes a stock dash, plus a modified center console panel that contains gauges and control switches. The car includes a roll cage with door-intrusion bars inspected by ICSCC in 2010. The car's ICSCC log books are included, as are its most recent SCCA log books.

The car includes a hard-wired AMB transponder for timing and scoring.

A Fuel Safe brand fuel cell is provided with a dash-mounted fuel gauge. The factory tank has been removed and the stock dash fuel gauge is inoperational. The fuel cell is mounted in the spare wheel well in the trunk. The car's suspension was built by Ground Control and features double-adjustable front and rear dampeners manufactured by Advance Design under Eibach race springs. These shocks were rebuilt and re-valved in Februrary of 2012. The car uses solid transmission, motor, and differential mounts.

An AKG Motorsport Stage II shifter was installed in May of 2012 and is included; this is a beautiful piece and offers incredibly precise and deterministic shifting even under heavy torque load.

An air intake system provides air from the left front headlight location. The car includes an exhaust system custom built by Stan's Headers in Auburn, Washington, and runs from the headers to the exhaust. The car has no catalytic converter and has a FlowMaster muffler with an auger. The car has never had sound violation problems at any track, including at the 95-decibel limit at Mission Raceway Park.

The battery is in the stock location in the trunk and is mounted in a reinforced strap. The car includes a radio box and antenna with a BNC connector, but no race radios are provided.

Most unecessary equipment has been removed from the car, including the windshield wash system (though the wipers still work dry), the evaporative control system and charcoal canister, parking brake, and the power steering system. The car's ECU has been reprogrammed with performance software. The passenger- and driver-side power window and power lock mechanisms have been removed. The windows may be manually removed or installed for racing or storage. The stock fuel filler door was removed and patched over.

The front brake system has been modified to accept fresh air through cooling ducts from the front lower grille and direct them to the backing plates.

All designs and numbers on the car are decals and may be removed by the buyer. The front and rear bumpers have been painted green to match the decal design, while the rest of the body is white.

The Trailer

The trailer is an open-bed steel top Sloane Kwik Load Trailer manufactured in 2001. The trailer is in good mechanical condition and weathered physical condition, including some rust that doesn't affect the physical structure or operation of the trailer. The trailer tows straight and without any noise and has power brakes. All lights work. It has been modified to have a two-inch pipe on a floor flange bolted to it to hold a set of four tires in a vertical stack on the bed. The bed has two tool boxes and deck lights.

This type of trailer tilts up to rest the back edge of the bed on the pavement for very easy loading. The car can be driven off of and onto the bed without the use of blocks, risers, or ramps. The trailer receives a two-inch ball and uses a seven-pole connector. The trailer will include some chocks for easy loading as well as a set of ratcheting tie-downs for the car.

The trailer is black in color.


Among the spare parts included are these:

  • Radiator. A spare radiator is available, new in box.</li>
  • Brake pads. Two sets each of Performance Friction front pads and rear pads, new in box.</li>
  • Brake Calipers. Four front, rebuilt brake calipers are included. One rear, rebuilt brake caliper is included, as is one rebuildable caliper. Numerous brake rebuild parts kits are included.
  • Brake Rotors. One set of four brake rotors is included.
  • Harnesses. A conversion kit to set up the Schroth belts as 6-point mounts instead of 5-point mounts is included.</li>
  • Wheels. The car will be delivered on a mismatched set of BMW factory wheels with used, unshaved Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires for storage and rain race use. The car also comes with two sets of shaved, used Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires for dry race use. One set is on generic copies of AC Schnitzer rims; the other is on five-spoke Revolution wheels.
  • Tires. Aside from the mounted tires, two sets of shaved, unused Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires are supplied.
  • Transmission. A manual transmission of unknown condition is included. This may be used as a replacement or as an additional core for an exchange; or salvaged for parts.
  • Small Parts. Numerous small parts are included: replacement brake bolts, radiator caps and plugs, oil filler caps, oil filters, and so on.
  • Seat. A second, older Recaro World Champion seat is included.</li>

Please let me know if you have any questions.

3/4ers view of front
head on
front end detail
engine bay, leftstrut tower
engine bay
engine bay, right strut tower
battery strap, trunk
fuel cell
rear end
right front fender
passenger side
cockpit, shifter
dashboard, wheel
belts, seat
door intrusion bars
intake, MAF
brake resevoir
LF brake, suspension
LF brake ducting
LF strut detail
LF brake ducting detail
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