Seattle Race Weekend

Karen Stimson

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Thanks again to the great people who make our racing happen. You guys work really hard and deserve some real appreciation.
(Although, whoever put in the weather request must have forgotten to include Sunday morning.... )

Great racing and great company. We enjoyed pitting next to some new friends --as usual. :) Good to see Mark back with his Caterham after a rough start resulting in only a rainy qualifying.

We had a good weekend, although we're going to be searching the car over for the reason why it did a "Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde". Thanks to my husband for keeping the beast running and finishing races. :)
Does anyone have pics from the weekend? Looking for a picture of #795 PRO3/EIP on track. ryanoc at shaw dot ca.

Great weekend of racing and thanks to all of the volunteers and organizers. You did a terrific job and I apprciate your work! Also was great meeting some new racers and chatting with some of the veterans I had never met. Always fun to meet knew folks who share the dream! Cheers, Martin
I also want to say thanks to the volunteers. I'm sorry I gave you something to do during the group 4 race. Thanks very much cleaning up my mess and bringing my car back to me at the end of the day. Your great attitude made it easier for me to sit there and look at my banged up racecar. Thanks again.

PS - I thought the HANS device really wasn't a necessary item. BUT after I woke up this morning with no neck pain at all after hit the T9 wall head on I'm now a convinced consumer. I'm not saying the HANS saved my life, but I'm pretty damn sure it saved me some neck pain.
It was GREAT racing this weekend, thanks for putting on such a terrific show - but so sorry to see it end in tears for some. Just thankful everyone walked away ... except for one of my fellow turnworkers! Mark Miller from Canada was manning the Turn 2A station, where things rarely go wrong (we call it the "view" station) - only to watch a car go two wheels off driver's right, then shoot across the track, up the bank and into the trees, clean out of sight! Mark ran across and up the hill to find the driver - who was okay but with a car well and truly buried - gave us a status report over the radio, said actually we could probaby just go back racing, then said words to the effect of "oh, ummm ... I think I may have hurt my ankle". Well, in fact, he had broken his right tibia after slipping down the bank and landing awkwardly! He was taken to Auburn Hospital by ambulance, where they immobilized his leg, shot him up with painkillers, and we bundled him into the back seat of their car and his girlfriend drove him back to Canada for surgery. So spare a thought for Mark please!
Great job Mark! Very brave and thank you for coming to the rescue of a fellow racer! Hopefully the in-car gets posted because while it was unfortunate, the video was pretty epic!