SCCBC Mission Race Cancelled for 2021 / Updated Championship Points qualifications


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SCCBC has decided to cancel their September 4/5 ICSCC double race due to the probability of not getting enough drivers to attend but look forward to putting an ICSCC race on in 2022.

What this means for the championship is that it's fairly easy to qualify for the championship in 2021 with all weekends being double races. Conference licensed drivers need to enter 6 races (and finish at least 3 of the races) in order to qualify for the championship. Additionally, the class needs to average at least .75 entries or have a minimum of 9 entries in class between the 12 championship races. A driver can race all 6 races with one club to qualify for the championship however points only count from four of them. Any driver who has raced one weekend (two races) so far in 2021 can qualify for the championship by running the final two ICSCC championship weekends. The total number of races counting for the championship this year is 8 (a maximum of 4 from IRDC and 4 from CSCC). So 6 races needed to qualify for the championship and a maximum of 8 count for the championship. Lets see how many go for gold in 2021!!
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