Rules modification for Corona


Something I would request the rules folks take a look at when the time comes is licensing requirements due to the Corona epidemic. Many of us are going to miss races and some of us (like me) who may have missed ALL the races last year, say for instance because of a major shoulder rotator cuff injury making it impossible to even climb into the car, yet alone shift, and may miss this year due to the pandemic, to modify the requirement requiring entering a certain number of races to renew a racing license. Thank you for your consideration.
From section 302.G of the Competition Regs:

"... Any holder of an IRR license who
has not raced for two or more seasons may be required to compete
in an Observation race at the discretion of the License Director.
Further, any IRR license holder who has not raced for three or more
seasons may also be required – at the discretion of the License
Director – to complete a driver training session."

So by current rule, the number of (observation) races you'll need to run in order to get your senior license back is...
(at the discretion of the License Director)

Not so onerous, eh?

Former License Director