ROD Meeting...Drivers Welcome

As the ICSCC AGM gets real close, this is a reminder that there will be an ROD Meeting at 9 am on Nov. 14th at the Sea-Tac Marriott.

We have a list of things to dicuss/make decisions on.
This year is for example cleaning up/wording change for the Yellow Flag rule, Double Yellow Flag Rule, car numbers to name a few.

As some of the things that the ROD discusses, can involve/impact the Drivers, we invite and encourage drivers that would like to attend and offer their input, to join us.

Please bring with you a sense of humor and tolerance for some of our more rowdy volunteers. Don't be afraid, you will be among friends.

Look forward to seeing you there.

And yes, all the caffiene you can handle will be there.

Lynn Rimmer
ICSCC ROD Director


Well-known member
Uh, excuse me, let's get back on the subject, which was coo-coo or co-co. Definitely coo-coo if Killam will be there!
So if I bring my own Bosco I can get a cup and hot water from the hotel eh? What a deal...
one more slight deviation....what in the blazes is Bosco????

Now back to the topic.
We'd love to see you at the meeting Wes. (and we promise to be gentle)