Roce City Opener XXVI


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Friday May 5th is Cascade's Driver Training/Track Day/TNT. Steve Lovejoy are new Tech person will be doing tech for this event. He will also be doing Annual Tech. We are requesting if you are not signed up for the TNT session, that you wait until after 10AM to come into the track for Tech. We have over 60 entries for the DT/TNT and we need to make sure all those cars and drivers go thru Tech, before doing Tech on those not entered for the event on Friday. We look forward to seeing lots of you at our Rose City Opener XXVI race.

Gail Fetterman
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Great SCOTT!
Going off of MSR data it looks like this event has almost 30 more entries compared to last year's Rose city opener. Some good sized grids out there.

31 Spec Miatas in group 2! Last year there were 13.

Very cool.


The Pros From Dover
good weather helped to boost the numbers in the last week. Nice start to the season. In spite of several determined attempts, no drivers were hurt and all cars are repairable. On to Pacific.
Thanks to all the drivers that came to Portland. Great turn out! Thanks to the Cascade Sports Car Club personnel for doing a great job putting on the race and thanks to the weather Gods for the clear skies. I personally would like to send a special thanks to Rick Bostrom. He volunteered (or got recruited) to help out. He was everywhere and a busy boy. Thanks Rick.