Rip Bill Hill


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I have been informed that one of our race drivers and our friend Bill Hill has died from an accident at work. Bill worked for Entertainment Fireworks. There was an explosion on Wednesday and Bill died from his injuries before he could be transported to the hospital.
Our thoughts and prayers go to his sister Pat and other family members.

Daryl Harsha

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Bill was truly one of the characters of Conference. I just spoke to him at Pacific Raceways this last weekend. He had arrived late on Saturday because he was scheduled to fly in "Fifi", a WWII B-29 bomber. I first met Bill last year when he was pitted next to me at PIR. He told some great stories and mentioned he had raced a 2 liter Can-Am car in the early 80's. When I got home, I checked my old photo albums and found 2 - 3 pictures I'd taken of his car in action at Riverside. He called the car the "Banana Crate" (it was yellow). I gave him the photos at the next event (PR last July) and he was really tickled to see his old car again. He'll be missed.


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I have been asked to step in for Bill as president of VSCC, so I would ask our members, although we are few, to contact me with any questions or concerns.
I know that Pat will be contacting us soon about the memorial services for Bill. In spite of her grief and so many things to deal with, she was gracious enough to contact us about forwarding Bill's paperwork on the club, which was amazingly thoughtful considering what she is going through.
For those who do not have my email, it is;, or you can speak with Steve Giamberardini.



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Wes, could you please post information regarding any memorial service that's planned for Bill as I'd like to attend if scheduling permits.


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As far as I know Pat is planning to do something in August. She is concerned that it does not conflict with the racing schedule. :-(
I will post as soon as I know more.