Pro 3 Car, Trailer and Pickup for Sale


I have accepted a job in Florida and the Pro 3 car is not going with us. The job does not start until October so I will be racing the car until it sells.

Beagle Pro 3 Car #121 – Green with Blue Trim

This car was built in the winter of 2007/2008 and raced extensively in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Limited racing in 2011 and so far in 2012. This car was built with great care and was built and has been maintained with the concept of minimizing running maintenance while racing. The car has no DNFs due to mechanical reasons. Since the beginning of 2009 the car has only missed one scheduled practice/qualifying session for mechanical reasons due to a bad rear wheel bearing which are now changed on a preventive basis. This car is considered by some senior Pro 3 drivers to be one of the finest examples of a privately build car they have seen. All this car needs to run at the front is a faster driver.

1. 1991 - 2 door shell, stripped of all insulation but not the undercoating (we do race in the rain).
2. Steering column replaced with pre air bag column, with some limited height adjustment provision and equipped with AKG solid aluminum coupling at the u-joint.
3. Shell prepped in and out by Wes Hill, painted in and out by Macco in Bellevue.
4. Roll cage build to my drawings by Pats Autosport, extra rear down tubes, slanted NASCAR bars on both sides for easier entry. Under dash bar goes through the heater to retain all heater function and behind instrument cluster space. Sunroof welded in with tabs so as to not distort roof.
5. Reinforced jacking pads (they capture the jack head) installed at center of static balance point just inside pinch weld. Front pinch weld reinforced with small tube for outer jack stand location.
6. Left side dead pedal.
7. Side lexan windows installed in original frames with sail panels installed for finished look.
8. Rear polycarbonate window with exterior retention straps (window new Spring 2012).
9. Sparco front strut bar
10. Race Skids skid plate.
11. Godspeed front tow eyelet.
12. Straight front valance and IS front spoiler. IS rear spoiler.

1. Complete rebuild by Loynings of Portland for the 2009 season. Broken in properly with break-in oil. Oil samples taken early in life to establish proper oil change intervals. Have used Total Racing 10W-50 full synthetic exclusively since break-in. Never over reved, never overheated. 103 track hours with no issues. Still strong.
2. Hill oil pan baffle and Ireland windage tray.
3. BTB header and middle pipe imported from England. Middle pipe removable for quicker under car repairs. Rear muffler is a Magnaflow installed by Muffler King in Kirkland.
4. Solid aluminum AKG engine mounts.
5. Miller War Chip installed and tuned on the Miller dyno by Miller himself. Rev limiter set at 6,800.
6. Fuel Lab Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (the best) with regulator mounted gauge installed in trunk. Adjusted at Miller on dyno.
7. Engine has always operated with factory air box and paper air filter as I do not believe that a non paper filter stops dirt ingestion (and I have oil samples to prove it – from the pre Loynings engine).

1. Fresh transmission installed in Spring 2011. This was a special Rebuild by Andrew Zimmermann of Drivegear. Detail on request
2. Clutch plate is a spring less (solid) disk with heavy duty Sachs pressure plate (Ireland).
3. Transmission breather tube is piped to a breather mounted on front strut bar.
4. AKG DTM Shifter new in Spring 2011.
5. Solid aluminum AKG transmission mounts.

1. Two differentials available 4.27 and 4.45. Your choice (or both for additional $$).
2. Both have OS Giken center sections for great lockup. Both rebuilt with REMed ring and pinions, Z3 rear covers with welded in breather fittings, AKG aluminum rear support bushings.
3. Driveline is a DLS of Portland rebuild with greaseable ujoints. Center support bearing was replaced with driveline.
4. Differential breather/overflow tank mounted in trunk per regs.

Cooling System
1. New radiator in Sept 2011
2. Factory auxiliary fan mounted with European only factory mounts and controlled by high temperature and by driver operated switch with selectable high and low speeds.

Fuel System
1. 22 Gallon Fuel Safe Cell mounted in trunk on steel tube subframe. New in summer of 2011.
2. Twin independent driver switchable Walbro in-tank fuel pumps mounted in Fuel Safe surge tank positioned in the front of the cell. Outputs of pumps are T-ed inside the cell.
3. A primary and secondary fuel filter is mounted above the cell in the trunk.
4. Vent tube from fuel tank runs to trunk mounted overflow tank and from there to car exterior per regs.
5. Fuel lines run from the cell to original steel fuel lines under the car. Over the rear suspension and in the old fuel tank cavity the lines are in an aluminum tube for protection from damage.
6. Fuel cell is insulated from the muffler with an aluminum sheet and 1” of marine exhaust insulation.
7. Fuel cell is equipped with fuel level sensor for a fuel level gauge, but it has not been wired up.

1. AST/Vorshlag 4200 Double Adjustable Monotube Shocks and suspension system as sold by Elephant Motorsports. Vorshlag front camber plates. Vorshlag rear shock mounts. 650 front and 750 rear springs, both with adjustable height. The AST shocks are high pressure nitrogen filled with great adjustability (12 positions of rebound and compression adjustment). Installed May 2010.
2. Treehouse Racing front control arm brackets.
3. Rear subframe was replaced in May 2012. Modified by TC Motorsports with AKG solid aluminum mounts and Ireland camber and toe adjustment brackets.
4. Front sway bar is an Ireland 22mm bar. Rear sway bar is an AAF 16mm bar new May 2012. A Ireland 25mm front bar is also included.
5. Rear trailing arm bushings are new (May 2012) from AKG.
6. Right rear wheel bearing is new (May 2012). Left rear wheel bearing was replaced in May 2010 as a preventative measure.
7. Front wheel bearings were replaced in May 2010.
8. Aligned and corner balanced numerous times by Chris Benny at Group 2, the latest being in May 2012.

1. ABS system removed and brakes replumbed. Titon in cockpit adjustable rear brake pressure proportioning valve.
2. ATE front (early 325i) and rear calipers with brass bushings for better modulation and pad wear. Front calipers and rear calipers sandblasted before rebuilding. Front calipers rebuilt with new stainless steel pistons.
3. ATE straight bore master cylinder (early 325i).
4. Stainless steel brake lines
5. AAF front rotor vented backing plates with 3” tubing and Harrison Motorsports brake duct adapters (all new May 2012).
6. Rear rotor backing plates modified for better cooling.
7. Performance Friction 06 brake pads front and rear.

1. Sparco steering wheel with a an NRG removable hub
2. Sparco Evo 2 seat on Speedware (Sparco) mounting base with fore and aft adjustment.
3. Sparco 8 point belts (6 point with separate Hans straps for a total of 8). Valid only through 2012.
4. Left side net, right side net with mount welded to inside of front cowl.
5. Wink 4 panel rear view mirror
6. F.A.S.T cool suit and cool air system including cooler and helmet filter, fan and tubing. System includes variable control on water cooling. Cooler is mounted in passenger side rear foot well.
7. Motorola CM300 32 channel radio, modified by Racing Radios for racing use. IMSA helmet plug and all cabling. Antenna mounted on roof. (New May 2012)
8. Factory instrument panel and steering column panels for finished look. Custom made switch panel with fuel pump switches, auxiliary fan switch, transponder switch, Race-Keeper switch and cool suit controls.
9. OMP 10 lb large bottle fire system with 6 nozzles. Two cable pulls, one by driver, one on roll cage.
10. Roll cage mounted waterproof master electrical switch with dual contacts built in limited quantities by Longacre. Battery cables were built using factory cables and soldered terminals.
11. Front doors and rear side areas are sheeted with aluminum for a finished look. Rear bulkhead sheeted with aluminum.

Data Systems – 3 systems
1. AIM MXL Pista Dash System with S05 GPS system. System installed by TC Motorsports and measures water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, throttle position, steering angle (currently this pot is not operating), brake pressure, g-forces, rpm and vehicle speed. Newly added GPS system provides a host of new features with accurate split times, multiple G readings, alternative speed readings, etc.
2. Race-Keeper Video and Data System. This is a 3 camera system the gives great video and some data.
3. Blind Apex Lap Timer. Gives lap times, position in class, etc. Works wirelessly off of AMB transponder.
4. AMB/My Laps transponder hard wired in right front corner. Switch on dash.

1. 1 Set Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.1s – 15”x 7” – Cast in England
2. 1.5 Sets Team Dynamics Pro Race 2.0s – 15”x7” – Cast in England

1. 225/50 RA-1s – 1 Set of Rains with 1 heat cycle
2. 225/45 RA-1s Shaved – at least 2 sets, # of heat cycles depends on when car is sold as it is currently being raced.

1. Build binder. All receipts and instructions from the build of the car.
2. Records binder/file. I kept records for every outing of the car since 2010. This is all in an Excel format.

New Included Parts that have not yet been installed
1. AFe cone air filter to make up a cool air intake system.
2. Longacre Ignition and Start button panel to eliminate the key.

Price = $25,000

Extensive spares packages and a race equipment package are available. TPD Trailer and 2007 Toyota Tundra also available with car or after car has sold.

Contact David Beagle - 206-612-0100