Post-Seattle wrap-up

Karen Stimson

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It's been a busy long year. Thanks Tom for hanging in there. You, and your assistants, did a great job. Looking forward to Michael taking the reins next year.

Thanks to:
My husband. He is a gem for keeping my car running, and getting us to and through every race this year.
My kids for being supportive and getting involved, and giving up 3 dog shows so we could do every race this time around.
Dave Gilbert for doing a great job keeping my car in plenty of power.
Jeff Remfert for direction in getting the car balanced (and other advice).
Scott Adare for his continued encouragement and advice (and the occasional slap upside the head...) :)
God for giving us such a unique opportunity in life.
and many other people who have been there when we've had problems or questions.

It's been an intense season. Thanks to the many people who put in so many hours to keep things moving along smoothly.

We've enjoyed seeing so many friends and meeting new ones. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to race against so many different people over the year. This weekend was especially interesting, with new challenging drivers. It's always so much fun to run up with people who are keeping it challenging but clean. (Thanks, Ted, for being aware when we went through turn 10 together.)

If you can, get a car out for the enduro. It's the last fling of the year.
We'll be there helping out. See you there.
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Many thanks in 2011

This is a great idea Karen. I'd like to do the same.

Thank you Tom and Mike. With a very rocky beginning of the season and the drama of Spokane these two handled everything with grace and professionalism even when I... may have not.

I won't be able to attend or help out at the 8 hour enduro so Seattle was my last hurrah of the season and what a hurrah it was!

This is the most racing I've ever done in year.

  • I did my first enduro; the 4 hours at PR.
  • I entered 14 sprint races!
  • I raced at every track!
  • I instructed twice.
  • I learned more about suspension, tires, brakes, setup and driving then ever before, much shared with other racers and much learned from other racers.
  • I learned more about the processes in Conference and attended my first meeting to submit my first rule changes.

Big thanks to the ITA folks who all helped each other and to those who helped me do the 4 hour.
Rick, Mike, Mike, Roldan, Noriko, Hal, Jennifer, and Steve. Those Enduros are a logistical nightmare and without them I would have been SOL.

Big thanks to my girlfriend Jennifer who attended 7 of my races, is handy with a wrench is always waiting for me at track exit with a pressure gauge and pyrometer. And Dad, being able to share a race car, and at PR, share a race has been truly memorable and special. When I was 6 years old watching F1 races with my dad at 5am on a Sunday morning I never thought we'd be racing together 25 years later.

A big thank you to all the workers, officials and racers of Conference. You are the best.

I'm looking forward to the banquet and the next racing season.
I hear that Michael is signing up for meteorology classes. Who says you can't do any thing about the weather.

Great season capper.