Porsche 944s Engine Rebuild


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Good morning all,

I'm currently in the middle of restoring a 1987 Porsche 944s. I've been working on the deferred maintenance and doing basic stuff - belts, water pump, a leaky seal and this week I had a handful of bolts snap off that hold the water pump into the block. I tried several methods to get them out with no luck. Several of the more advanced methods like welding a nut on to the bolt or rethreading the hole are not something I have experience with and I didn't want to do those things on the block of my engine for the first time.

No worries, I figured, I'd planned eventually to take the car to a mechanic to sort some other issues that I wasn't able to address or diagnose myself (Clutch, wonky gauges, oil on the spark plugs, other not working components, etc). Id come along way and spent six months getting a bunch of other issues sorted out.

I contacted Joseph at Munich Motorworks since I've worked with him before and I know that he has a lot of experience with this platform, but his indication that I was going to have to take the engine out and do a full rebuild in order to address these issues completely. That's not really in his business model so he passed on the job.

He also suggested I reach out to you guys here.

I'm extremely stressed out by this situation. I don't even know where to begin on a rebuild. We also talked about doing a like for like swap, but my car is the 16v and the engines I've seen for sale are expensive and in the same condition as my own. To swap something else in would require a stronger S2/951/986 transaxle which are rare and expensive.

I guess my question for you guys is this - who in the Portland area should I take this engine to? Should I try a different approach instead?

And...I don't suppose anyone has a 951 turbo tansaxle?