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Karen Stimson

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Hey all, let's hear some good things about last weekend. It's good to analyze a problem which has occurred so as to keep it from happening again, but-- we race for fun and part of that fun is bench-racing afterwards.

Also, we need to remember that a whole lot of people give up their time and efforts to run the events for us, and drivers' appreciation and "happiness" with the weekend help to make their input worthwhile. Many of the volunteers don't get to spend much time actually watching the racing, so they have to derive their satisfaction from the drivers' satisfaction. Just saying... some positive comments for balance.

We couldn't have asked for better weather for a race. For us, it turned out to be a pretty good weekend. The new dual-master brake setup was doing it's job, although I've got more fine-tuning on myself using it. And even with the warmer pavement Sunday afternoon, I was able to better my best previous time.

Also, how did everyone feel about the enduro? My kids seemed to think that it was interesting--of course it helped that they were helping record the pit stops.


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I had a great time at the Enduro. I would have had a LOT more fun without the fuel starvation. If I just took 2 more gallons I would have maintained 3rd place! Spinning in T12 really cost me but that's what happens when you're following your competition really close and can't see the pavement. 2 wheels off when getting on the brakes ends poorly, every time!

I battled door handle to door handle for most of the race, first with a Camaro and then with Miatas and then with a 944 finishing bumper to bumper to take the checkered flag.

I can't wait to do it again.


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From the PRO3 side of the equation, and our little sliver of the paddock specifically, we had a GREAT TIME! It felt good to be back at the track and laughing it up with our fellow racer friends as well as our teammates in white. Sure, there were the usual first-race-issues on both sides of the aisle (Marshals and Racers) but overall, a success! Thanks CSCC for another great event.

The Enduro worked out pretty well. I think it's a nice break from the normal race weekend schedule and ought to be refined where appropriate and participation encouraged where practical. The class designations and accompanying trophies were perfect. It injected a fun-factor into the event that helps to remind everyone that although we take our racing very seriously, we also take our humor all the more seriously...wait...is that even possible? Taking humor seriously?


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Same here, excellent time, and great weather to boot! I was jealous of the Enduro (No novices allowed..), hopefully this is something that will be expanded on and ran again in the future.


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We had a blast! Even though one of our cars didn't make the start (Fire Girl) we all had a great time. Looking forward to the next one, we will bring more toys to that one.
To all at CSCC! It was a very nicely done race meeting and my team enjoyed our days with you very much. Having said that, "the problem with humility is that you cannot brag about it". So, we must report that CSCC gave us our 199th win, in class, on my 69th birthday (but who's counting). OMG some of the Bimmers are fast. We sure would like to see a few ITS cars racing in ICSCC. See you all at IRDC upcoming and ferverently hope you will join TC at ORP over the Memorial Day weekend. Some special goodies are planned.
Skip Yocpm, TPFD