PIR Charity Race

Karen Stimson

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As usual, thanks to everyone who helped put on a great charity weekend. It is always so nice to know that we are helping others who are less fortunate.
Doernbecher is, of course, a favorite place to send our help, but it was interesting to hear about the other group we've chosen (I forget the name-someone want to chime in?). Making sure kids have food to eat during non-school days is so basic and serious. It sounds like a great place where our money will be put to good use.

In other news, I was asked to post how Lauren and Ryan did during county fair with their 4-H dogs.
Ryan got blue ribbons in judging, teams, showmanship, and rally, with Teams also being Reserve champion.
Lauren got Blue/Reserve in judging; Blue/Champion in Teams; blue in Brace; Blue/Champion in Obedience; Blue in Showmanship; perfect Blue/Champion in Rally.
She went back on Sunday for Champion runoffs and won the upper-level Obedience Grand Champion; along with the year-end high-point (for all age levels) for all the shows of the year.
Both kids qualified for state for both judging day and regular showmanship/obedience day. (Yeah! Mom gets to get up at 3:30am to drive to Puyallup.... and sit with the dogs all day to keep them from getting stressed while chained to the bench... )

Mark Estes

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This is the information on the other "New" Charity that we've added this year:

Take Action INC, located in Portland, Oregon, serves low-income children throughout the Portland Metro area. While these
children get food during the week while at school, many go hungry over the weekend. This program fills backpacks with food
to take home each Friday for these children and their younger siblings; insuring weekend nourishment. The backpacks are
returned the following Monday, to be filled again the following Friday.


LoCoFoMoCo Racing
Congratulations on the kids' dog show wins!

My sister and good friend both do dog shows -- it's tough!