[For Sale] Phase inverter / variable speed drive For Sale

Greg Miller

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I'm clearing out my demos. I thought I'd post it here first.
120V 1 phase input, 230V 3 phase output variable frequency drive.
Rated up to 1 1/2HP or 5.2A output max.
At full output it would draw 25A from 120V 1 phase in.
Can be used for making motors go faster than rated speed.
(up to 1500 Hz - though that would blow up anything but a hi hz router motor)
Complete with manual.
Around $200 wholesale new.
Sell for $75

Emerson SKB1100110

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Greg Miller - Kirkland, WA - 206 890 Two Five Two Five

Greg Miller

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Deal just got sweeter.
Including a Marathon Black Max 1HP 1750 RPM Inverter Duty motor - Frame 56CZ - C- face or foot mount - 5/8" shaft.
Both as a package $200.00.

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Bryan Woodbury, CSM 97
I'll take the VFD if you can bring it to Spokane (I hear we have a race coming up soon).