Patches/Thread on Racing Suits


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Hello all, my first post here, glad the community has a forum!

Are there any regulations on patches and name tape on racing suits? I'd like to get my last name and an American flag added to my suit, but not sure if there are rules or guidelines around what is allowed (e.g. content or material (nomex/flame resistant)). If there is a resource I can read about or if anyone has the answer, that'd be great! Thanks so much for your time!

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I've never seen anything in the regs relating to this and tech inspection tends to just check the SFI/FIA rating on the suit. Strictly speaking, anything added to the suit should be fire-resistant, but it seems to be more of a case of personal comfort for the attendant risk. (For myself, I'm not too worried about some smallish fabric patches and the related thread.)


Here is a quote from an old post on one of the SCCA forums.

There are two school of thought on the patches... First sew with regular cotton thread only through the outer layer, the stitching will burn and the patch which is not fireproof will fall off. If you sew all the way thru I've "heard" rumors of having the stitch marks burned on your skin. Second use the nomex thread and the patch will burn up on your suit before it falls off.

Later on in that thread, it was suggested to use nomex velcro and nomex thread, so if you run multiple sanctioning bodies that require a patch, you can switch them when you need to, instead of having both sewn on and covering one or the other with tape.