Paddock Assignment and Enduro move in proceedure.

Bill Bonsell

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I'll be providing motor home and enclosed trailer support for the Jason Raines L3 entry. Just curious as we get towards the race how is the paddock is being set up. Will it be done similarly to how the paddocks have been set up at both Pacific and Portland for their enduro's? Since there is a very large School and Test and Tune running Saturday, I presume we will be allowed into our paddock spaces when we arrive Saturday. Does anyone have any info of this that they'd care to communicate at this time. And I will understand if it's a "stay tuned for further information".

Here's hoping for a dry weekend!!


Randy Blaylock

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It's my understanding that the Race Chair will be making paddock/pit stall assignments using order of entry and requests for proximity as the basis. There remains some logistical info to be determined before this process begins.


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We are in the process of laying out the paddock so that we can get the enduro teams into an area adjacent to the hot pits and separated from the students, lappers, and Saturday only test and tuners. The event looks to have decent participation numbers but should be much more managable compared to the great race event last year where participants did an awesome job of helping us use every precious inch of paddock space efficiently. We will have a solid plan when you arrive, no worries. Pit stall assignments will be determined by the race chair using whatever criteria he has in place. Paddock assignments will be designed to make sure no one gains an unfair advantage if they need to go "behind the wall".

Almost racing time, getting excited!
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Lance Richert

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Slight thread hijack, thanks in advance.

I've got two 12"x12"x12" boxes with some PRO3 printed promotional material that I am trying to get up to Urban Garage in West Vancouver, BC. I'd rather not mail them as it is both sort of heavy, and some of the contents are fragile. Are there any Canadians at the The Ridge Enduro who could take these two boxes up to Duncan Pearce at Urban Garage in West Vancouver, BC?

PRO3 would thank you!


Lance Richert


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We can get them there for you, I live in down town Vancouver. since I am running in group 5 this year, a little Karma never hurts.....

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