Outlook 2010 For a Volunteer

Just throwing this out there looking for some help or info.
I am just starting my business (from scratch) and I need an affordable Outlook 2010.
(I don't need the whole Office package. Just one tiny part of it)
Any suggestions as to where to shop for this......reasonably priced BUT a reliable source? It's really 'spensive up here.

ROD Director


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It's like $25 (I assume you only need the client side)? If so I can pick up a copy and donate it to you for all your efforts, will you be in Spokane, if so I can bring it then to avoid shipping.
Scott got your email....sent one back to you.
Tony, not liking computers much, so I have to ask......"Client" side????
I think I'm about to get an education.

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
He's asking if you only need the client (Outlook) or the server (Exchange), since you mentioned starting a business.