ORP Race Weekend

Karen Stimson

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Once again, thanks to all for a great, well-run race weekend. Hope all the volunteers enjoyed the show.

We really enjoyed the company kicking back on Saturday night. Although the story-telling went on so long we ran out of daylight to finish bleeding the brakes.

The beautiful weather on Sunday was a definite bonus.
Bob Smethers has, as his predecessor had before him, proven that The Pros From Dover can provide the best care anywhere, while continuing the Fastco Racing tradition with Steve "Jose Potts" Leonard prepped, set, and raced the #3~15 brown rabbit while executing a quality operation for Team Continental.

The ORP staff is, to my observations, the fastest crew west of the Continental Divide, and it's been a pleasure working with them.

ORP Sweeper.jpg

Sherman County F&R.jpg

South Sherman Co. F&R is too, a fine group of folks all intent on the safety of the facility for its occupants. You can not ask for more than that kind of professional attitude, and we have found that we need not. It's all right there.​

Thanks for a great season, John Deer!

"Best Care Anywhere"~TPFD
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