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As you all know paddock space is limited. There are 46 10'X59' trailer spaces and 98 10'X20' spaces in the paved, fenced in area. There are about 70 10'X26' spaces on the pregrid road. You need to provide your own ground cover for these spaces. There is limited parking for motor homes in the South paddock area. Access to pregrid from the South area will be limited to entering from the South and Exit from the track by returning thru the main entry road. No returning from the pregrid area to the South paddock! If you can pair up with someone we will try to make it happen. We will assign spaces in order of your race entry dates. You may E-mail me with your concerns @ gracer25@msn.com. Gordon Jones
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Are the conveyor belt strips no longer available?
We paddocked along the pregrid road last summer and the conveyor belt strips made it a very convenient place to be.


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Last Call !!! I will be leaving for ORP next Tuesday and will not have my computer with me. Therefor I need your paddock requests in before The 23rd. I also need to know what the length of your trailer is. Hope to see everyone there. G


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Gordon - You got my Dad's (Carl Clinton) email about trying to get his gianormous rig along with 3 other cars together correct?


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Can I even post here now?

"in by 23rd" Shoot! Typical for me this year,
dollar short and three days late!
Thought just occured that Adam can pass a message. He is heading out there today. I'll have him tell Gordon that you are coming and need a space for the sports racer.


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I took care of Lee. I want to thank John Rissberger for his expertise in setting up the paddock and forklift operation. And I want to thank every racer for their patience. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing is a real chalenge. G
You had 'em stacked in there like the infield like race day of the Daytona 500.

Not only that, but Gordon rode 'shotgun' in Safety II with Rob Jacobsen when he wasn't hustlin' sq/ft for race cars.

Great job, and many thanks Gordon.

The Pros From Dover had it all over this one.


The Pros From Dover
Not only that, but Gordon rode 'shotgun' in Safety II with Rob Jacobsen when he wasn't hustlin' sq/ft for race cars.
And I made him promise to have his head examined before he gets in a safety truck with me again. I want to be assured that he still has all his marbles. <grin>


Great SCOTT!
Gordon did a brilliant job, re organizing on the fly and was very accommodating with the forklift that could move trailers around. Very smooth weekend in the paddock.

Thank you Gordon!


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I am very thankful of the work, and extra effort, that Gordon Jones
and John Rissberger put into making the whole paddock thing work
out so well for everyone.
Ahh, I was chicken, Gordon. <bwaaAAKKK> <bwaaAAKK>
Car's not happy, trailer brakes aren't working, funds are non- existant and
Greg and Marie weren't back with the RV.
On top of that, I haven't yet been down to ORP,
so the idea of racing cold, hungry AND lost seemed silly
if I was going to be sleeping in a tent...

(yup, I'm getting to be a wuss in my old age)