open trailer security

I was wondering if anyone with an open trailer had any advice to secure it during a stayover at a motel. My main concern is preventing amateurs from unhitching my trailer and hitching it on to their own rig and taking off in <30 seconds. I'm not so much concerned about the pros, since if those guys want your stuff they'll get it. I know of coupler locks and wheel locks as options. On the more expensive side there are gps boxes. Anyone have feedback/personal experience with any of these?

I take everything valuable into the motel room with me (suit, helmet, steering wheel etc).

I've heard its a good idea to throw a tarp in the back of the truck over any gear as a noise deterrent and cover everything up from prying eyes.

Oh and also to check trailer hitch/chains/brakes on every stop which you might be away from the vehicle.

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Is this a motel stop AWAY from the track? I'm assuming it is, 'cause otherwise you'd just leave it at the track like everyone else. I've always only used a hitch lock on my enclosed trailer (when I had one) and my current open trailer. Both have been parked at my house and visible/accessible from the street. A chain through the wheels would likely work, too, if you have suitable wheels.
Yea away from the track, and this pertains more to HPDE days at bremerton or ORP. Trying to figure out the logistics of it that doesnt involve getting up at 3 am and doing a 3 hr drive at the start of a track day.


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I use a locking hitch pin, and a long lock through the latch on the trailer hitch. And, I lock my car's door. I take everything of extreme value into the hotel (Steering Wheel, Helmet.....) As for spare tires.. If someone really wants them they'll have them, locked together in the back of the truck or not...