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Hi everyone. I have been tossing the idea around of getting into road racing. I have a few questions though on classing. I have taken a look through the rule book, but unfortunately I am still a little lost on what class my car might compete in. I have a 2012 Mustang GT, with mostly suspension mods on the car right now. I have engine related stuff sitting in the garage, but now I am holding off till I figure out what would be allowed, and what is not. It kinda looks like T2 (maybe), but I think I would have to take alot of the stuff off the car looking at the "allowed list" for the 11-14 Mustang GT's. But there is another column that says must adhere to "AS" rules. I am going to sign up for the Drivers Training at PIR on June 14th if all goes to plan and will continue to ask questions there, but still would like to get an idea of where the car would end up getting classed. If this is too vague I can give a full list of mods of the car as well. Sorry for the newb post, just want to have a "decently' clear path. Thanks everyone.



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There are quite a few classes you'll be able to race in. Some you may be competitive in and some not. Super Production is a class that just about any car fits into but being competitive in that class is a different story. Modifications are pretty much open - SPO is for cars over 4.0 liters in displacement. Sport Touring (ST) is a class your car could fit into (Section 1324 in the rule book). Also there is ITE which kind of stands for "Improved Touring Everything". Modifications are pretty liberal in ITE - See Section 1317. American Sedan (AS) is a possibility but you'd be restricted in modifications - Section 1309. There is also Conference Production but it has some restrictions as well - Section 1402. Hopefully these give you a start. Definitely ask around at the track. If you make it to the June 14th Drivers Training there is also a race that weekend so you should be able to get a lot answered that weekend.


Great SCOTT!
If you can set aside your existing car for a moment and approach racing in a certain order you'll save a ton of time, money and get into something (and somewhere) you really want to be.

A great way to go about it is:
  1. Start with Budget both time and money - How much are you willing spend getting started, how much time/money are you willing to spend per year doing it?
  2. Next, find a class with the type of racing, rules or type of cars that appeal to you and fit the budget - both to acquire and to operate.
  3. Finally, build the car or purchase car for that class and go racing.

After all that, you may find your Mustang is the answer - or you may find that buying an existing race car you never considered racing is the answer - either way, once you go racing, you'll love it. I should also add to the list, the racetrack is the best place to make friends and ask questions. Come out to the IRDC event this coming weekend if you can and talk to the drivers.

I've found a couple *mostly* universal truths of the racetrack - going faster has an exponential cost curve and the more open the rules, the more open the wallet.


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Thanks for the reply's everyone. After doing some more research, ST looks like where I might want to go. I currently not in a hurry to get the car finished. Want to get the licencing under my belt first. I looked at Motorsport Regs, and it looks like if I stop by pacific tomorrow I can't come through the pits, and ask questions "Paddock entry restricted to participants, officials and volunteers until 4pm". I would love to come by, and ask questions though.

Jim Phoenix

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You can come into the paddock, no problem, just stop at the booth, sign the waiver. If anyone asks (they won’t) tell them you’re helping Jim Phoenix in the red bus with the Formula Vee.

Be careful, I will convince you to get into open wheel, we are very persuasive about getting newbies to race in OUR class ;-)


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Thanks Jim! I contacted the Facebook page and they said to come on in. I will come by and say hi. Open wheel would be fun (currently karting), but I got a Mustang that I need something to do with��.